Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Chief Education Officer Urges Adults To Be Role Models For Children

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Asserting the children are watching, Chief Education Officer Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer has called on adults to lead by example and be role models.

“We must be role models in our use of social media, in the comments, in the utterances that we make. Our children need us to teach them the values, to teach them the manners that we so want as part of our school community,” Philip-Mayer asserted in a statement on Tuesday to mark the summer break.

“So let us all as adults be responsible in what we do, in what we say, appreciating that we must lead by example,” the Senior Education Ministry official stated.

She said that parents are partners.

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“You allow us to have your children. For that we are ever so grateful. We continue to work alongside you and ask you to be the partners that are going to support your child’s development and for those of you who have done this in a beautiful way we say thank you as well,” the Chief Education Officer said.

She also had a message for students, assuring them that they are not too young to appreciate their efforts on their behalf and express gratitude.

As many young people transition to secondary school, Philip Mayer encouraged them to make the best of it.

In addition, she highlighted the need to continue to read and learn during the break from school as they engage in self-care and activities that uplift them and bond with their families.

And Philip-Mayer expressed gratitude to education stakeholders who had contributed to a good academic year with unexpected turns and limitations, but one for which all they could be proud.

Headline photo: Fiona Philip-Mayer (Stock image)

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  1. @Citizen@A Mother@Just saying@Andrew Magloire@Valdimir Puting you all are spot on with the contribution in this forum. I respectfully add that children learn where they live and where they live is very often the core issue in their behavior. Some of these children have witnessed verbal, physical and mental abuse in the home and they are the product of this unhealthy behavior.

    Honestly, some parents are hard core gangsta and some of that behavior has been passed down from generation to generation. In that case, a generation needs to break the curse and get the freedom needed to strive and do better for self and society. However, you can bring a horse to the water but you can not make it drink and that’s REALITY. I know of several St. Lucians (both young and adult) who are unable to read and write and that’s a crying shame.

  2. all adults need to play an outstanding role in the life of the children be it teachers mothers fathers strangers politicians whomsoever…….the manner of children we have today is appauling the children drink rum, curse do all manner of evil under the sun…..they have no respect….if only the adults you refer to fiona, like yourself would set the good example….anyways discipline has been taken away from schools and thats another subject by itself: i am still here, my mother, father are still here because of school discipline…..why do people think it would hurt the children of today??? If we adults and the children continue to function in our current society, so help me God we have to answer to God for all our corrupt doing……until then, each one reach one for the greater good of life….the good will come back to you..

  3. Fiona, you have to say that to the politicians too. Those who have degrees in telling lies should be identified. I am going to one of the 23 islands the former Prime Minister built-in Vieux Fort for a vacation.

  4. Mrs. Mayer many parents do not react to soft polite words. They want the full force of the law to change. Imploring them will not change. There are a lot of vulgar men and women as parents out there raising kids and many who do not know how to raise a child. Even the communities do not know how because it is communities with lost generations.

  5. There is a huge cross section of parents who are too busy using their kids as weapons against the other parent that they lose focus on the kids and are more focused on vendetta. They teach the kids to lie, be disrespectful and to hate. Then we wonder where these kids learn their criminal behaviour…’s right there in the home.

  6. Some teachers also need to be role models. I say no more and though they may be included in the “adults” being called upon, I am just being specific here.

  7. Right outside schools we have rum shops. This imprints on the kids. The music imprints on them. The party life imprints on them. The bounce n draw imprints on them. The kids we have now is a result of the society at large. Change society, the kids change. But don’t expect much when the leaders are not any example to follow.

  8. Children will learn to differentiate wrong from right if they are trained to think and learn to reason. The worthiness of the content of what is taught in schools will help that process along.

  9. There’s a Percentage of Deliquent Mothers and Fathers in St.Lucia who Groom their Kids to grow up as Criminals
    They make use of Insulting words to their kids .Smoke Marijuana and Cigarettes in their Presence. Drink Alcohol and also send Their kids to purchase these item’s Mention


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