Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Chief Education Officer Welcomes Students On Return To Classroom

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Students returned to physical classrooms on Monday, April 19, as the Department of Education declared the third term of the 2020/2021 academic year open.

Chief Education Officer, Dr. Fiona Philip Mayer, said that although students were away from the classrooms for some time to protect their health, she is happy to be able to welcome them back to school for Term 3.

“Luckily we have had parents speak to the importance of students returning to the classrooms. We recognize as educators, that the longer children stay away from the physical infrastructure of a school setting, the more difficult it is to readjust.”

Dr. Mayer added that while challenges and limitations may arise, it will be managed through the collaborative effort of parents and teachers as they strive toward the progress and success of each child.

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Speaking to the health and safety of students, the Chief Education Officer expressed confidence in the children’s ability to follow protocols.

“I will always argue that our students know the protocols better than the adults—particularly the little ones, the infant and primary schoolers are very good at that. Social distancing continues to be a significant part of our protocols and we have done a lot in terms of educating our children about COVID-19 protocols and what to do. So it is now a matter of implementation,” she said.

Parents are also urged to engage students at home on the importance of following the protocols.

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