Chief Nutritionist Says Time To Take Action, Improve Eating Habits

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Saint Lucia’s Chief Nutritionist, Lisa Hunt, believes it’s time to take action and improve  eating habits.

She explained that in this way, Non Communicable Diseases will decrease.

Hunt made spoke in a message to mark June 1 as Caribbean Nutrition Day.

She pointed to aggressive marketing of unhealthy products.

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And Hunt noted that this can and has dramatically changed the way people eat.

As a result, Hunt explained that unhealthy diets high in sugar, fat and salts  have replaced  traditional diets.

However, she said consumers have the right to know what is in their food.

Hunt explained that labels can educate consumers about the nutritional value of the foods they buy.

The Chief Nutritionist observed that in this way, people will have the power to make healthier choices.

She disclosed that the World Health Organization also considers nutrition labeling to be a
key policy option for promoting healthier diets.

“The Caribbean including St Lucia is making strides towards introducing front-of- package
nutrition labelling on packaged foods,” Hunt stated.

She said that typically, nutrition information is placed on the back of food labels where consumers do not usually pay attention.

But Hunt explained that the front-of-package labels will present nutrition information on the front of pre-packaged foods in a clear, simple and easy to read format.

She said this will highlight ‘critical nutrients’.

Hunt stated that they include saturated fats, trans fats, sugar, and sodium.

“These critical nutrients are the drivers to diet-related Non Communicable Diseases,
which are the leading cause of death, disease and disability in the Caribbean including Saint Lucia,” she revealed.

Headline photo: Lisa Hunt – Chief Nutritionist

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