Child, adult injured in Morne du Don collision

A young boy and an adult were injured when two vehicles collided on the Morne du Don road Tuesday afternoon at around

An eyewitness told St Lucia Times that the collision involved a minibus heading towards Morne du Don and a government registered truck travelling in the opposite direction.

“We was coming up and we see the truck coming down. Now we base the truck would stop. When we see the truck not stopping, the bus self had to send he self on the side, because we see the truck not stopping, and we coming up,” one of the bus passengers recalled.

He said as a result of the collision, his child was injured.

“He started crying. I don’t know what happened to him, but right now he traumatised – he trembling,” the passenger explained.

The injuries to the boy and the adult did not appear to be life-threatening.


  1. st.lucians stupid ..they always “base you will stop”…we have people parking uselessly anywhere or on both sides of the road which means the lane blocked with the parked car forces traffic onto the wrong lane…if your side is blocked by a parked vehicle YOU MUST WAIT! YOU DO NOT HAVE RIGHT OF WAY!..another thing is st.lucians drive like they dont know where their side is…they cruise in the middle of the road or the wrong side…not even in the 2 lanes where lines are clearly marked…they still drive in both lanes like they have no sense of vehicle position…too many illerates driving

  2. I wish them both well …but accident victims should always been taken to a hospital to be checked out especially when there is an impact. Sometimes there may or may not be internal injuries. However, I sincerely pray that all is well with them.?????

  3. Those guys driving those government vehicles show no signs of caution when driving they just think that they have the right of way any and everywhere on the roads…I had an experience with one..they are the worse!! It’s sickening!!

  4. My Uncle is a great driver I always ask him how the hell you guys drive on these roads in Morn du don, am happy hes okay and only Sustained minor injuries. The government needs to improve these roads widen them out lines more traffic controls somthing , it’s about dam time …

  5. Respect to the bus driver , if it was wasn’t for his quick response in avoiding that truck head on , this would have been much worse..??

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