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Child Escapes Masked ‘Kidnapper’ In Ciceron

The grandmother of a nine year old boy attending the Ciceron R.C Combined school has issued a warning to parents to be on guard, after the child reported that a masked individual attempted to grab him on his way home from school.

Speaking to Radio Caribbean International (RCI), the grandmother said the boy was “almost kidnapped.”.

The woman, who identified herself as Mrs.Williams-Debeauville, told the RCI Midday News edition that the boy’s mother was at home at the time.

“She heard some screaming, so she ran outside to see where the screaming was coming from because it was coming towards her house,” Williams-Debeauville explained.

“When she got outside, lo and behold, she saw the child running home, looking back and she asked what happened. He said somebody tried to grab him – actually the person had a hold of him, but he fought back and the person grabbed on to his lunch bag, but he dropped the lunch bag and he continued running home,” she told RCI News.

“He got some scratches and stuff. The person had a mask,” Williams-Debeauville stated.

She said when the mother called the police, she was asked whether the person had been apprehended to which she replied in the negative.

“So they are telling her they cannot do anything for her. Further to that, when she waited and they went to CID to make a report, the police are there asking her: “What do you want us to do?'” Williams-Debeauville said.

“I find it very strange and absurd. This involves a child – a minor at that. That response from the police wasn’t very welcoming,” the grandmother declared.

She advised parents to exercise continuous vigilance in regard to the whereabouts of their children.

The grandmother suggested that parents could encourage their children to walk in groups when heading home from school.

“Don’t walk alone because this world we live in is very crazy with all kinds of people around. You never know what could happen to your child,” she said.



  1. Crazy instead those police get off their a** and go look at surveillance camera around or anything fishy etc always a b******* sigh thankful for America

  2. I can’t believe the police asking what she wants them to do…really? Not even to search the area and see if other persons may have have seen anything? Jeez?

  3. This is scary. Despite all the crime in this country, kidnapping was not one that was routinely committed. Parents were not fearful for kids not returning home for that reason. Seems like we are now to add this one to the list of crimes to be watchful for and take appropriate measures. That’s what happens when you allow crime to fester. The criminals get bolder by the day.

    • Tymz,
      You hit the nail on the head. The longer unchecked crime continues, the more it spreads. The criminals are emboldened and they believe that they can go anywhere with their intolerable behaviours. Voila… Martinique! I hope he is captured by the community first (wink, wink) and then handed to the cops.

  4. The criminals know the attitude and response of the police. They seem to be I’m support of criminal activity. Where is the attitude of ‘I am the law’ when they want to display their power on citizen they label to be unable to defend themselves in court. If you are the law in some circumstances what about those circumstances where the children whom you say you serve and protect, need you to show your power. So there is nothing that can be done. Or something is lacking in the force.Which is it?

    • I am certain there are many decent cops who want to do the right thing. If your boss tries to frustrate all your efforts, there is only so much you can achieve. I believe the rot starts at the top.

  5. I have had that question thrown at me by the police after making a report and that’s non sense. You should tell me my options not ask me what I want to do. In fact what I was want you to do is your job and go seek and find the criminals.

  6. Think before you talk or criticize … I don’t think thag the CID personnel said that In a ” I don’t care ” manner when he/she stated ” what do you want us to do ?” . To me it is very simple , learn to understand.. What do you want us to do ? All you do is make a request to the officer (s) present what you want to be done / WHAT SORT OF ACTION YOU WANT ? YOU TELL THEM !! wether you want a police warning to be issued , court action, or I investigation to be done. So now the officer would know what step to take …..can your son identify the accused by features to help the officers ” search the area ” as you stated? … sometimes we have to understand what it said to us before we respond NEGATIVELY .. on the other hand a patrol could have been done , but there is your side and the officer side of story so don’t be quick to bash the police

    • B*llsh*t. They go to police academy. The civilians didn’t. If I have to tell you what to do, then maybe I, the civilian should get your badge and gun? Your explanation is brainless and futile. You really need to think before letting your “brilliance” show.

  7. The Supervisors of Where the lady went to make the Report should investigate who. are the police officer who told the lady that foolishness and and report them for Neglet of Duty .

  8. That police force inSt Lucia, it is a waste of payment s going out every month, they all need to be fired, from the top, and get help from outside until they can recruit a new group of policemen. What is going on in Lucia, I always believe too many criminals from other islands in St Lucia. And worst yet the police force is a papyshow.

  9. You see, when you are in the police académie training, you understands each and every situation that you were taught; now onbecoming a police officer, you practice what ever crosses your mind; (in fact the bed eggs,) not all, i must confess. Let not our judgement fall on all, even if you are angry;
    Now listen to this: Some police officers don’t know how to receive or approach some one, except if you meet the more experience ones. Having said this, in my opinion, i think that the victim should be assisted, at lease the police should go to the scene, even when nothing can’t be done, let the victim see for themselves that nothing can be done, because we are dealing with a powerless person!

  10. I think the community can get hold of him or her and the police should should make sure it isn’t a family problem or prank and make the family feel safe again

  11. I haven’t seen any support or sympathy given to the mother or child in the comments, but police bashing. Is this about the police or a child who was almost kidnapped?

    • its about the child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes we allowed to bash the police cause THE POLICE OFFICERS are doing NOTHING to assist in THE CHILD situation .. those officers are useless

  12. It is very fortunate that the boy was able to escape. his quick reaction appears to have caught the kidnapper unprepared. However unless this man is apprehended the community will need to be extremely vigilant and the school needs to war the kids about this new threat and what action they should take to protect themselves.
    The police reaction is unacceptable and the officer involved should be dismissed. How can an officer of the law not know what to do when a crime is reported. This is precisely the kind of response that encourages criminals. A patrol should have been immediately dispatched to the area, a description taken from the child and inquiries conducted with neighbouring residents. Also, if the area is bushy or structured in a way where criminals could lay in wait streps should be taken immediately y to make it safer.
    Let’s hope that the officer in charge / police commissioner can implement some action before some other innocent child falls victim to this beast.

  13. Them dog policemen only care about money if the child was dead then they would say further investigation a chikd almost being kidnapped what u want then tdo… I hate police mwn they are *** *****

  14. This is a very sad thing for our country where the law cannot protect. When I hear these kind of things happening to our kids, and there is no law to protect them it make me furious and asked my self what st. Lucia has become..with no law to protect our citizens…. I tell u if it was the U S that person would be hunt like dog.

  15. A police self the probably try to kidnap the child. ” What you want us to do?” You getting paid on my tax money, our tax money and that’s your reply to a mother in distress? That child will grow up end up hating police and then end up killing police all because one person decide not to do their job. Want to reduce crime? Take-care of the kids. Bon, cameras need to be placed in areas prone to kidnapping yeah?

  16. B*llsh*t. They go to police academy. The civilians didn’t. If I have to tell you what to do, then maybe I, the civilian should get your badge and gun? Your explanation is brainless and futile. You really need to think before letting your “brilliance” show.

  17. Sad state of affairs. I really wish to know what points are there in this report to deem it as Kidnapping rather than attempted stealing. I believe that robber tried to steal from this child simple….the child scream he the robber fled the scene but no everyone singing along its kidnapping smh…just sad….there is nothing wrong in asking the lady what course of action she wants and further explaining the different actions to her. We as a nation are too quick to bash we should take time to educate ourselves. There is two sides to a story, most of you are not any better than the officers at you’ll job. Some of ull are disgusting when it comes to addressing persons etc but here ull are bashing when this is just the lady’s side ( secondary information) take time to read out the points to prove kidnapping and other offences etc. Not one of you have offered a word of advise to the lady but nahhh you’ll are so negative….just sad the level of thinking of our people….sad….

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