Thursday, September 29, 2022

Choiseul Crafters Wrap Up Historical Craft Export To The USA

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Saint Lucia recently recorded another historic export as the Choiseul Art, Craft and Tourism Heritage Association successfully shipped a significant quantity of craft products to a buyer in Maryland in the USA.

The first of its kind export was made possible after the craft association was introduced to the foreign buyer by Export Saint Lucia in 2021.

Crafters pose next to items

Following in-person engagements which afforded the buyer to examine the products, a large order was placed and has since been fulfilled. The craft products include large and small straw baskets, straw mats, crochet bags and jewelry, straw bags, and calabash products.

Calabash vase

Clara Edward, the president of the Choiseul Arts, Craft, and Tourism Heritage Association says “from the time I have been with the craft association, I have never known any crafter to receive such a big order. It put a smile on their face and bread on their tables.’

Coloured coaster set
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For many of the crafters, this was their first major order since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020. Export Saint Lucia’s Chief Executive Officer, Sunita Daniel expressed ‘the Agency is pleased to have fostered this connection between the Craft Association and the buyer in the USA. The outcome of this engagement clearly highlights the role Export Saint Lucia plays in the operations of several local producers.’

Close up of some craft items

The American buyer highlighted the quality of the local products as the main deciding factor behind the purchase. She says ‘to think that someone used just their two hands to create something so beautiful, I would be proud to put it against any other handwoven natural basket out there. Saint Lucia should be proud.’

Export Saint Lucia extends special thanks to M&C Shipping and Vibration Trucking Services for assisting in Choiseul crafters in completing their major order in time.

Source: Export Saint Lucia. Headline photo: Choiseul crafters packing items

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  1. Now … THAT … is tourism!! Eco-tourism!! We go to them, and not the other way around!! This is a “win-win” economical tourism. It will take some time to understand, and for this kind of tourism to sink in. NEXT …. St Lucian chocolates!!

  2. Great for Choiseul undoubtedly the best district in St Lucia. still a community spirit. and very beautiful. the crafts are the best. people are looking for sustainable products for their home. carpets with natural fibres like this will always sell.

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