Friday, December 6, 2019

Choiseul woman dies after falling on knife

Police are investigating reports that a Choiseul woman died Thursday morning, shortly after tripping and falling on a knife she is said to have been using to clean fish.
The incident occurred at the woman’s home, law enforcement sources told St Lucia Times.
It is reported that the deceased was in the process of throwing away some water she had been using to wash the fish when tragedy struck.
A law enforcement source told St Lucia Times that the female managed to dislodge the knife from her body before she died.


  1. Condolences to Pinkley and family. It is also great that there were persons present when the incident occurred. Hod it not been so, no one would have believed this story and deemed it a homicide.

  2. How very sad ?
    Condolences to the family. Prayers during this difficult time.

    For future reference, do not try to remove the blade. Call emergency services. Typically removing the object causes far more damage. Also, vaseline and Saran Wrap will help control/stop bleeding while waiting.

    • @g Someone lost her life in the most unorthodox manner and you come posting ridiculous nonsense! Have you lost your humanity? This is no comedy show. While the relatives are grieve-stricken and probably inconsolable, here is this insensitive and heartless moron, making a joke of this most unfortunate accident.

  3. One should never attempt to dislodge the knife or any object. Sad ..condolences to family on this unfortunate tragedy.

  4. Oh very sad news indeed. Condolences to her family which she was trying to prepare a meal for but it never happened. Very sad indeed

  5. Very tragic. That would have been an impaled object injury. The recommended first aid procedure for this is to leave the knife lodged in the body until the person is brought to the hospital.

  6. Dye so sad to hear of your tragic death; will dearly miss you. Paulette and Pinkley my condolences to you both and everyone in Roblot.

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