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Chopping Victim Backs Soufriere Anti-Violence Initiative

Chopping victim Maygan Pascal is supporting a September 22, 2019 women’s walk against violence planned for the community of Soufriere.

Pascal was attacked on her way home last month by an assailant at Town Extension, Soufriere resulting in her hospitalisation.

Currently back home and in good spirits, the former beauty pageant contestant told St Lucia Times that what happened to her can befall anyone.

She expressed the hope that the event planned for Soufriere will impact the community and help prevent violence in general and violence against women in particular.

Pascal felt there is sufficient national concern about violence.

But she expressed the view that the concern is not sustained.

“Like after what happened to me everybody would show their concern and after a while it would stop,” Pascal stated.

“When something happens everybody – police officers; the community – are all willing to help but it’s only for a time and that is what I do not want,” she told St Lucia Times.

“We need to be there with the victim to the end,” the Soufriere resident declared.

She explained that it was for that reason that she formed the group- the Guardians, so that victims of violence could be given continuous support.

Pascal disclosed that despite herself having been the victim of violence, she has been in ‘great spirits’.

“I do not dwell on what happened to me; who did it; why he did it. Everybody seems to want to know why, but I honestly do not want to know. I just want to move on with my life,” she said.

She urged persons who have the urge to resort to violence to seek other ways and advised those who engage in violent acts to get help.

“They are dealing with inner demons that they need to get rid of,” Pascal told St Lucia Times.

The women’s march against violence has been organised by the Soufriere Youth and Sports Council, Sergeant Shervon Matthieu under his hashtag ‘A Cop Who Cares’ and the Guardians Club.



  1. Oh my God, such violence. God Bless you. Did they catch this guy? I’m visiting Soufriere soon. Is it safe there??

  2. Ms Pascal said it right, they have demons and no one seems to be paying much attention as to why our society which has turned away from its Creator and want to follow their own will.

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  4. Clear the air a bit, what was her connection with the accuse. We want to March but we need to know if we marching against jealous lovers, frustrated people, unemployed, neigbours, ect. What was his reason. We only heard what he did, but why was it done?. Question. With that we could ask others with the same problem who has not react in a violence way to come listen and maybe understand better their situation. My take

  5. Yes I think we all need to get some more info on this case.This youg man,what was he going for ?money,flesh.we need to hear more from the police,after all we pay your salaries.

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