Chris Gayle Awarded $300,000 In Defamation Case

Former West Indies cricket captain, Chris Gayle,has been awarded $300,000  (Australian) in a defamation case against Fairfax Media, it has been reported.

According to international news reports, Gayle had sued the media firm over published articles claiming that he exposed himself to a female massage therapist.

The articles were published in January 2016.

The Guardian reported that in October last year a New South Wales supreme court jury ruled in favour of Gayle.

According to the Guardian, the four jurors found Fairfax had not established that Gayle had exposed himself to masseuse Leanne Russell in the team dressing room in Sydney during the 2015 World Cup.

Leanne Russell

They also found Fairfax was motivated by malice.

Justice Lucy McCallum on Monday awarded 300,000 Australian dollars, the equivalent of $US 220,770 in damages.

Chris Gayle’s spokesman Grant Vandenberg told the media after the verdict that Gayle was “vindicated today by the judge, he’s already been vindicated by the jury”.

“All he wants to do is play cricket and he’d really, really love to come back to Australia — a country that he loves as much as anywhere — and play in the Big Bash.”

Fairfax Media said last year it intended to appeal the verdict.


  1. That is a victory for our race as they tend to stereotype black people. I don’t think Gayle is that daft to try something like that.

  2. Yea shame Ubaldus cant learn to do the same a proper way.Really there is no proper way,just a sorrofull pito head

  3. I’m of the opinion that Gayle was making to big especially against the Australians in their own back yard and they had to find ways to smare his character,but thank God that didn’t work.After the allegiations he was banned immediately from BBL,but he’s still making it in order leagues. I urge him to continue fighting them and don’t give up,put race aside and defend yourself and make them pay to the fullest.

  4. This shows the true face of Australian media
    After the shameful act of warner n Smith, still they are trying to hold their ego high.
    Because they know that kohli is a fighter, similar to Gayle
    Indian team will hammer the weakest Australian side ever, weaker than what Allan border carried

  5. They should appeal, if the woman says she saw he private parts , she should be given the benefit of the doubt.
    Gayle is guilty, period.

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