Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Christopher Hunte Charged, Released From Custody Suites

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Christopher Hunte has been charged by the police and released from Custody Suites in Castries.

He had been detained there since Sunday afternoon on suspicion of organizing and leading an’unlawful’ anti-Chastanet motorcade.

The Talk Show personality told St Lucia Times the police released him just after 4:00 pm Monday.

“The charge, as far as I understand it, is they are saying that I instigated or started an illegal march,” the outspoken critic of the current administration stated.

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Hunte is scheduled to appear in court next month.

He disclosed that has to surrender his travel documents and report to the Gros Islet police every Wednesday before 7:00 pm.

Hunte explained that before the matter is before the courts, he is limited in what he can say.

But he declared that he is happy to be out.

“I’ve seen movies where people have been in prison on TV but I never wanted to be in one,” Hunte told St Lucia Times.

He said there are a lot of things happening here to Saint Lucians and an effort has to be made to ensure that they never happen again.

“There’s a lot to ask yourself from an introspection standpoint. When you’re in a cell and you’re listening to the other people who are in there – what they are talking about, what they are being charged with, what they are being accused of, and you are seeing yourself – you’re wondering if you are in some sort of parallel, upside down universe,” Hunte asserted.

He expressed the view that Saint Lucians on the whole have to be worried about the erosion of democracy and civil liberties.

“I may not have been the first , but at the rate we are going we need to make it so that I am the last. Too many things are happening right now that cannot be allowed to happen to any Saint Lucian ever again – no matter who is in power,” Hunte told St Lucia Times.

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