Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Christopher Hunte continues protest

Christopher Hunte, host of the television show ‘Politically Incorrect’, continued his protest yesterday against the controversial $US 2.6 billion Desert Star Holdings Limited (DSH) project in the South of Saint Lucia and the proposed dolphin park at Pigeon Island.

The protest near the government buildings on the Castries waterfront,entered its third day yesterday.

“I am making sure that when the history is recorded of Saint Lucia that I stood up against turning Saint Lucia into a colony of the Chinese through the  string of pearls global initiative that the Chinese have – against the DSH project in its current form and I believe it is hugely disastrous for the people of the South and also against a dolphin area being located at Pigeon Island,” Hunte told the Times.

He described the dolphin park initiative as ‘horrible’, asserting that Pigeon Island is one of the  the worst locations in Saint Lucia  for the project.

“I am also against the use of Maria Islet or any of the DSH projects whether it is phase one  right up to phase ten, ” Hunte explained.

According to him, Saint Lucia has signed a horrible deal that is highly disadvantageous.

He said this country, with some 175,000 inhabitants,  has given a Chinese developer the right to sell over 100,000 Saint Lucian passports at $100,000.

“All I want to do is raise awareness. Saint Lucia is not just about Facebook and going on SLAPS and CAPS and going on WhatsAPP – there are people on the ground who do not know and there are other people who need to see that there are Saint Lucians who are willing to come out, even if people want to laugh and ‘pappyshow’ them, that come out in support of their country,” Hunte stated.

He was joined by three others in the protest but asserted that the numbers were not a problem.

“I can be here by myself – I don’t have a problem with that, as long as I register in the best way I know. I am not a lawyer ; I cannot file an injunction  – that’s for somebody else to do. Somebody else can do something else. What I can do is what I am doing,” Hunte stated.


  1. If the DSH project was in Castries you would have never done what you are doing. If it was labour you would have not done (Word deleted) also.


  3. Saint Lucians are coward. I’m honestly not against D.S.H altogether, I think the projects details are to be renegotiated. If we are so displeased, quiet protests will not do. Saint Lucians need rally together and shut down the island and get the officials that be to listen top what we have to say. Government employees need to boycott work, bus drivers refuse to carry passengers, fuel stations stop serving fuel, private sector employees stage sick out.

    I was of that opinion when Kenny Anthony awarded a contract to a certain contractor to conduct some ridiculously priced work in Saint Lucia some years ago and I’m of that opinion now.

    Saint Lucians need work yes.. But at what cost. I welcome DSH, YES!! but some of those conditions MUST to be revised.

    • Many of those so call SLP party hacks like you are not all together against the DSH but the way its being implemented and the agreement details are not beneficial to St Lucia as a whole. We need more lucian to think like you and stop staying its an SLP thing its a ST LUCIA thing. We need to do exactly as you said. Lets stop seeing colour but proper development

      SLP Party hack or not this deal needs to be renegotiated so we ALL can benefit

  4. Obviously Christopher has nothing useful to do. He must have saved enough money from the so-called consultancy work with the previous government. He got paid handsomely from the local treasury for work he may not have been suitably qualified. He is no class act (Words deleted)

  5. Are we really that dense,what he is citing makes sense…if we are to raise money by selling passport to Chinese do you know the amount of Chinese it will take to attain this goal…a lot, and that mean their will be a lot of Chinese in st.lucia…no one against development of the south but not in this risky and ambiguous way…

  6. Thank you for making a stand against this attrocity…someone needs to make it…dont make this a person or a political attack on the protester. You are missing the point


  7. Well St Lucia finish; sorry for poor people in St Lucia; hospital ; canot open yet ; and now talks about dolphin park, now tell me where am I going to bring my kids for a sea bath tell me Mr PM after all ; we are St Lucians

  8. This is a typical example of an educated man doing (Word deleted) with himself. Educated fool. The more intelligent they are the more they do stupid things.

  9. St. Lucian’s are a bunch of idiots. They talk the talk but don’t have the termerity to stand up and defend the talk. You get one out a hundred willing to hold and stand for gevor she believes and then you hear the idiots critizing (Expression deleted) at least he is doing something

  10. Hunte was in charge of a project in Micoud, he never paid the people. hunte go find work to do, you [REMOVED BY ST. LUCIA TIMES].

  11. Due to the Ignorance Quota being exhibited here, I am going to fund schooling for two posters here.

  12. Please give me a break. There is more to Hunt’s attack than meets the eye. Get a life.

  13. Ppl this comment platform we eh against developtment we just against certain claus in the deal..even sam flood saying some deal they made he against it and he would die for his country so wat you all think bout dat

  14. You’re going to have to have those dolphin pens, and many more of them just to feed all the Chinese that are going to over run St. Lucia.
    the Chinese are like “ants” they’re everywhere but nobody wants them.

  15. The persons who wants to shut down the country to protest against what will bring relieve to the none working people. While they are protesting some other man protecting their wives sorry I might be one of them hi hi.

  16. Smh at some people and their comments…Time willtell..kmdt…I wonder if some people have really read about the DHS project….I feel sorry for our future generation….Nun more to say….all sum thinkin bout is jobs, but lil do they do…Open you’ ll BLINDED EYES!

  17. You hear our ignorant people!! Talking about the Christopher Hunts being an SLP supporter. Stop the damn nonsense. People like you are the ones destroying our country. Always have to involve party and politics. This is not about party. This is about COUNTRY!! The conditions of the deal are not good period. It would be okay if we were going to benefit tremendously but no. Take time to read the contracts instead of just going based on “because my party is there or jobs!!!” Its high time we become damn PATRIOTIC and DEFENDS what’s ours. The same goes for the flag. Stop using the royal blue, have some pride and use the correct cerulean blue. Save our country. It’s ours not foreigners. I dare these damn investors or government do that in Barbados. NEVER!! Everyone would stand!! And if Barbados can reject such a deal, trust me, its not good. Barbados would never let such a deal go if it was beneficial to them

  18. Smh, 100,000 passports the PM giving one man free of charge. If he sell the money is his and what that didn’t sell we have to buy it back, something definitely wrong somewhere. Somebody please help me understand this deal. If we can’t see pass colors then we are just as gullible and neive as those or should I say u all are more foolish than those persons making those kinds of deals.

  19. Instead of blaming each other we need to to demand NOW, and we can demand because we put them there, that the government immediately;

    1. release the documents to the Dolphin park and place copies online and at the libraries.
    2. release the documents on the DSH and display them as above
    3. Release the review done on the St. Judes hospital and display as above.
    3. DO NOTHING until 75 % of the St.Lucian people have read those documents or else the island goes on a peaceful strike to demand a new election!!

    St. Lucians need to stop taking peoples words for it. Give us the documents.

  20. wow…people we losing st.lucia and here we are thinking of SLP and UWP….

    • i must add here….it doesn’t matter what was done in the past or who did what; we must stop pointing fingers at each other….read and understand….our great grand parents worked the land in peace and unity even gave land to others to start their family..”today this new generation can’t do this and kill each other”….we are faced with a deal for 99 years…yea 99 years…do you believe that the new generation will have the same mindset as those making the deal now….think of it….cuz we all will be dead including those making the deal and what will be for ST. LUCIAN…our children and their children n the many more to come since we are dealing with 99 years…lots will happen and when they are faced with the hardship of pain and suffering, they will forever remember us not fighting…we are free from slavery and let us maintain this…no more going back…PM stated that st.lucia government should be run like a business entity…i can’t be a shareholder…how many of you can!!!
      i may be young but i love to read and we should all do….Sam Flood has now since it and i hope others do….stop SLPand UWP and let’s look at the FLAG….WHAT WE STAND FOR!!

      • I so agree. Mobilize the young anyone and stand with him. I’m abroad n love my country.

  21. Funny we against Trump getting rid of illegal immigrants and we against Chinese being here. Horse racing is very successful around the cnn to see. I just need Mr. Pm to come out and explain what really is going on. It is time. I am only hearing one side .

    • That’s not true. You are hearing BOTH sides, but one side is more confusing than the other. And that is because the entire body of information is not being presented to the public. I certain,y have been hearing BOTH sides.

  22. Now hitting home. The reality of an 11-6 change in government and his loss of a fat monthly consultancy salary and end of every contract bonus.

    That is what is really driving Hunte. He should go look for work. Be gainfully employed and not looking for political handouts and favours. He himself is politically incorrect

    • Perhaps he lost standing up for your rights. They will always get rid of trouble makers. Think about it. Support St Lucia. 99 years of slavery – don’t let that happen

  23. Christopher is a spoilt brat with a lot of bad manners. He is not talented, not educated, and not respectful to people generally. What a pity Kenny put him in a position of trust. I suppose he can now go back to his comical Staff Party antics designed to degrade the island and its people. Remember his Staff Party election promise to build a harbour in Marchand? With that kind of thinking, how can this person be entrusted with national responsibility? What a pity, because I like and respect his father. But Christopher is just an unintelligent, spoilt brat.

    • Spoil or not support him. Hold back your personal views. He’s not the nation. Emancipate yourself and the Island. All that you old dear is in danger of becoming another’s. Chinese, when given nationality will procure more rights than you. They will enslave you and generations to come. Where will you go- everybody closing their borders. Take action don’t leave it till it’s too late.

      • On that score, I agree with you, because I, too, don’t think we should go along with such a project. But it would help if we had credible people leading the charge. Indeed, the entire nation should rise up in anger, instead of entrenching Christopher as the protagonist in this matter.

    • You’ll checking for Christopher but if u really a a Lucian you would know that Christopher and his family are well off what at us that wasn’t born with a golden spoon in our mouth. Christopher is taking a stand for his country and we we seeing colour Lucian check you’ll self and move the colour in you’ll eyes

    • You’ll checking for Christopher but if u really a Lucian you would know that Christopher and his family are well off. they are not poor what at us that wasn’t born with a golden spoon in our mouth. Christopher is taking a stand for his country and we only seeing colour. Lucian check you’ll self and move the colour in you’ll eyes. Take a stand for what is right.

  24. Well done Christopher. I wish I could join you.
    Someone had to start.
    Lucia is sick
    Allen is killing her slowly. All his ministers take moo moo pills

  25. St Lucians must remove politics and emotions from decision making . Logic and rational thinking must prevail…Labour has objected to every major project under UWP from as far back as John Compton’s leadership….

  26. We cannot develop our small island if we become so emotionally and politically charged. labour must stop this anti progressive behavior. Under labour..we got a prison, car pack and perhaps two schools….no serious sustainable projects over 15 years…now they barking like spoilt brats….

    • You forgot mention a four-lane highway , Beausjour stadium ,george odlum stadium and much than two schools. Give jack his jacket

  27. All this is a direct result of losing the people’s trust.

    And so when it is most needed we remain adamant to give it even when our nation may be threatened.

    So you see people will not give you their support when you have demonstrated time and again that you will do nothing to protect them from exploitation.

    When you have demonstrated that you only need their votes to obtain the power which you will wield only on behalf of family and close friends of the family and the rest are treated as slaves.

    St. Lucians aren’t cowards, we just refuse to follow you now.

    Sad but true.

  28. I am proud as a Stlucian of Christopher Hunte . As the saying goes History will absolve you. You are a great hero . Thank you for fighting single handed for trie StLucians.

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