Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Church Leader Appeals For Trust, Confidentiality After Latest Suspected Suicide

A church leader here has called for the fostering of trust and confidentiality in the society, after the death recently of a nineteen year old Forestiere, Castries, resident by suspected suicide.

Nolan George was found hanging at his home on Monday.

Nolan George – Deceased

Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia, Seth Ampadu, said the death was unfortunate and sad.

“We sympathise with the family and we pray to God to console the family,” Ampadu told reporters Thursday.

He noted that challenges are a part of life.

“So when you are confronted by challenges in life it is not something which is new or something which is independent to you,” the church leader told reporters.

“So when you have any trouble we need to trust ourselves so that we can share our burdens with each other and that is what the bible says,” Ampadu stated.

However, he expressed the view that it appears as though in the society “we don’t trust ourselves.”

“So that when you have any trouble, you find it difficult to discuss with other people because for all you know, you discuss or you share your problems with others – next time you hear it all over.”

According to Ampadu, because of that, people find it difficult to share their burdens with other.

He asserted that as a result, when persons can no longer bear their situation the next option is to kill themselves.

“I think it is something we need to guard against,” the local church leader declared.

“That is why the church is there – our doors are always open. All the churches – all the pastors are around. So when you have any problem that you think you cannot deal with or you don’t trust other people, go to the priest or the pastor or whoever and talk to that person,” Ampadu advised.

“I believe that if you are able to do that it would help to curtail all these kinds of things. We need to trust ourselves. The problem is lack of trust, so that if I trust you, I can share my burdens with you and you would be able to offer some solutions.”

Ampadu asserted that confidentiality and trust are very important.

“We need to develop a culture of confidentiality and trust,” he stated.



  1. Amen and Amen…Proverbs 3:5-6 makes this clear we are to trust in the Lord. Therefore, if the Lord has entrusted the church leadership with his flock ….then folks should be able to talk and share issues/concerns with the appointed God ordained leadership of the church without fear of having their issues on broadcast.


  2. Indeed Gossip is so prevalent in the St.Lucian society even our Leaders practice it. So people try to keep their problems to themselves but sometimes it’s too much handle.

  3. We are the only living creatures on this world that can think and rationalize all what our sences absorb and transmit to our brain.Its a shame that some off us cant control our brains I am not a believer of church or priests but I believe in life and that is precius specially when you are young,If you cant trust your human family,friends go to the church or a priest to help you see the light in the tunnel your brain has placed you in.

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