Church silence on social issues criticized

The churches in Saint Lucia have been criticized over their silence on social issues, including a recent spate of rapes.

The criticism has come from the Public Relations Officer of the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari (ICAR), Aaron “Ras Iron” Alexander.

Speaking this week on the MBC Television programme – Current Affairs, Alexander accused the churches of being very quiet on human rights issues.

He asserted that it was only recently as a result of a spate of suicides in Babonneau, that church leaders came together to pray.

However Alexander was of the view that in the current times, prayers are not enough to address social issues.

“Prayers have to be complemented with action,” he declared.

Alexander said little has been done to address the root causes of rape.

“It is a psychological thing and it takes some really deep thinking of our leaders -civil society groups have to come on board to ensure that we address this thing from the root cause,” the ICAR Public Relations Officer explained.

He urged church and civil society groups to wake up and rally with the leaders of the nation to address the problem.

Alexander made reference to reports of the alleged rape of two teenage girls on Friday at Derek Walcott square.

“That thing that happened in the Derek Walcott Square, there are people out there who know who did that,” he declared.

Alexander stated that those persons were afraid to come forward because of fear of reprisals or victimization.

He said the justice system has not put measures in place to safeguard people who come forward with information.