Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ciceron Woman Who Wrestled With Gunman Said She Wanted ‘To Put Him Down’

A Ciceron woman who told Hot 7 News that she wrestled with one of two gunmen who attacked her Friday, made it clear that her intention was to ‘put him down.’

“I think right now business people are sick of these thieves – frustrated with them. These young boys need to go and get work to do,” the businesswoman told the news channel.

The  Ciceron woman, whose identity was not revealed, told  Hot 7 News that she was cooking about 11.00 a.m when two males entered her premises.

She said they were not wearing masks.

The woman told Hot 7 News one of the men entered her kitchen and pulled out a gun from a bag he was carrying.

She identified the firearm as being a .22 calibre weapon.

“We end up wrestling, because he said ‘gimme the cash you have ‘ so we started wrestling,” the woman told the news channel.

She said at this point, the other gunman who was outside came in.

“He had a  .45 firearm. He had it by my head and then is when I had  to give up the cash and the bag,” the woman recalled.

“The fight I put up with the one with the .22 -my intention was to get the  firearm to put him down. Trust me that was all in my mind – to put him down then the law would have take it from there,” the woman told Hot 7 News.

She spoke against the backdrop of a spate of robberies in the capital.

On Saturday, a Canadian couple visiting Saint Lucia for the first time  had their bag snatched by a youth in the Sans Souci area.

Police later recovered the bag, minus the cash it had contained, but with credit and debit cards, a health card and a driver’s license inside.


  1. Now we are safe, Kenny could not do it so Chastanet is doing it. Hurray we are safe in St Lucia under Chastanet.
    There are 2 radio announcers who are promoting labour they are Sam flood and Rick Wayne

  2. Miss always keep A good friend close by so by the time His Security Notice something was wrong you would have delt with Him and awaiting His security to enter to deal with him

  3. Most jobs in st Lucia only pay 4 dollars an hour and you have to work 12 hours a day is that conducive attractive to the development of young people ,no it is not government need to look at the wage rate in st Lucia it not there will always be crime as young people will not go and work at the Owen king hospital for 4:25 cents an hour working 12 hour shifts with one day off

      • Ok fine it may contribute to crime yes when there is unemployment or low wages but I hate hearing it all the time. If a man can’t get a woman or don’t ha e a woman does it give him the right to rape to get sex. Answer is hell no. So if you’re not working do you steal hell no as well. If the government don’t provide work it makes people do crime so if a woman or women don’t give sex should men resort to rape again hell no. Criminal is a criminal if you give that criminal work he will do criminal things there too it’s the social aspect of society and the home that’s key.

  4. Lady, i agree with you; it is better to die for what is yours, but don’t try that again! tell me something: since you know fire arms so good; is yours a legal one?!

    • cudn’t it be that she described the gun and they informed her what it was or she does research with technology being at everyone’s disposal now?

  5. Dear lady how did you recognice a 45 caliber pistol ?you had a nice hot pot on the fire,you should have thrown the pot at the first guy,he would be at Victoria by now and burned for life

  6. Kudos to you my lady.

    Your adrenaline must pumping profusely and rightfully so. Someone coming to rob your hard earned money.

    Be careful if it were to happen again, keep a butchers near by and throw put of HOT oil.

    Have the police been in contact with regards to an ID parade?!

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