Thursday, September 29, 2022

Citizens Assured Of Police Presence, Plain Clothes Patrols Heightened

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Press Release:- The perceived low visibility of the Police was one of the issues that Minister for Home Affairs Honourable Dr. Virginia Albert Poyotte had on her agenda, when she met with the hierarchy of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force last week Thursday, February 03, 2022.

The Minister noted that while she highlighted this concern, often voiced by members of the
public along with calls for increased patrols, she was pleased to receive the assurance of Police Commissioner Mr. Milton Desir that lawmen and women have consistently maintained a strong presence in public areas and they have been on the beat.

What may have been different is that lately more police officers have been attired in civilian wear, as they awaited the arrival of their new batch of uniforms.

“And they indicated that there was a delay in getting the materials to do some of the new
uniforms for the Police but so far they have contracted persons and the work is being done and we have seen an improvement in the visibility of the police officers on the streets compared to a few weeks ago; so that we are working on. The police have been there but a lot of them were in plain clothes so people thought they were not around.”

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The Home Affairs Minister also took the opportunity to clarify the Prime Minister’s role as
Minister with responsibility for National Security as distinct from her role as Minister for Home Affairs.

“Yes. That was an issue we had to clarify and I did indicate that I was responsible for the
administrative role of the Police, which includes the human resource component: their working conditions, their salaries, the equipment that they need to carry out jobs properly, their uniforms and other benefits that go with the Police. So these are the areas that I focus on, to make sure the Police have all what they need to deliver effective and efficient service.”

And what of the Prime Minister’s role where national security is concerned?

“The Prime Minister is responsible for security and operations and that basically deals with the deployment of Police out there in the different police stations and to ensure that they do their patrols and they investigations and continue to serve the Saint Lucians. So that matter has received clarification and they now understand the role that I play and the role the Prime Minister plays in managing the Police.”

Minister Albert-Poyotte also reiterated government’s unwavering support for the Royal Saint
Lucia Police Force promising more assistance will be provided; including a fleet of new
vehicles that are to arrive on island soon.

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  1. i don’t see the purpose of having police in 758 and here is my argument;

    murders don’t get solved
    you wait about 3-6 months to get a police report after an accident
    you give the police a tip off, they will tell the accused you told them so, endangering your own life
    they trigger happy, disrespectful, always violent
    citizens don’t trust the police
    there is no feed back even if there is public outrage
    same speech from the police commissioner all the time: ” No Stones Left Unturn” my a**
    they always complaining of resource issues and promotions

    Why do we tax payers need police when they are not serving us. that money can be put to good use to help other struggling sectors where the people benefit

  2. It is beyond dangerous, and it is only a matter of time for the necessary being put in place by the criminals, with the advent and easy to get various materials to duplicate police presence and that includes civilian model vehicles as well. However base on the news they are out of materials so the police cannot get uniforms on time. Not to mention a police officer will join the force meg meg and in now time he/she becomes like an elephant can’t even ben and touch their toe.

  3. Bull crap!!! Any word on Ajani Charley’s murder by police? Was that police officer in plain clothes or was his uniform dirty? Will this death by police be swept under the carpet again? Are you’ll wating on the heavy handed Americans to sneeze so your government can catch a cold?

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