Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Citizens, Police Chase And Capture Man Who Stole Phone From Tourist

A 19 year old man who stole a mobile telephone from a Chinese cruise ship passenger near the Vendors’ Arcade in Castries and fled on foot, was pursued by public spirited citizens and a City Police officer and caught, a law enforcement official has said.

According to the official, the mobile telephone was recovered and the thief was escorted to City Police headquarters.

However St Lucia Times was informed that the visitor, who was due to return to the ship to continue the cruise, did not want to press charges.

But it was reported that the teenager accused of stealing the mobile telephone, Luke Mac Farlene, removed his trousers while in police custody and ‘indecently exposed his genitals’ to a female officer, whereupon he was formally charged.

Mac Farlene was due to appear before the Gros Islet District Court Thursday morning.


  1. It’s not a case of him being accused he was caught in the act we need a mug shot please let his face be out there they must learn.

  2. Dear police good work.Now explain to me,If I give you a video of guys coming with guns,and boarding a boat holding 8 people on the water? you do nothing,because nobody puts in a written complain?,or denaunces the action?I think you are all part of the problem,you are not active in following a investigation,you are just waiting for a person to walk in and write a complain,before you procede.So you wait for the crime to happen,?then you act,you dont try to stop the crime? Intresting,that is not what I was taught.diffrent times,diffrent worlds.

  3. Hope a judge slams this guy,with a couple of years at Dennery.These boys screwing up our turist industry,and they dont understand,that their bad actions affect the country,we all have to fight this problem.

  4. Thanks to everyone who participated in his capture. Big team effort…cops and the public. Together, they have brought randomness to the environment.

  5. We need to have economic terrorism laws here if we don’t already have. So when you as a little douchebag threaten such a viral industry by creating fear the law should be hardest on you. Tourism is the life blood of our economy and we must act quickly or suffer the consequences of inaction.

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