City Police Arrest ‘Disorderly’ Construction Worker In Castries

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City Police officers arrested a construction worker Friday afternoon around 5:30 pm in Castries, asserting that he assaulted them after they warned him about his disorderly behaviour.

Video recordings of the arrest went viral on social media.

In one of the videos, a vocal crowd gathers with some individuals criticising the two officers who effected the arrest and handcuffed the man, identified as a resident of Millet.

“Move the handcuff on the man garcon,” a male voice urges off-camera, hurling expletive-filled insults at the law enforcers.

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“The man dying,” another individual asserts as the man lies on the ground.

“Take care you all kill the man,” someone else warns in another video.

A City Police official told St Lucia Times that the 34-year-old, under the influence of alcohol, was behaving in a disorderly manner on Jeremie Street, Castries.

According to the official, the man assaulted the officers who cautioned him and threw himself to the ground when the law enforcers were subduing him, sustaining injuries.

“The blood on the officers was his blood from the injuries,” the official explained.

The official said after subduing the Millet resident, he behaved in an unruly manner with an ambulance crew that arrived to take him to the OKEU hospital, where he was under City Police guard pending charges.

There are no further details at present.

Headline photo: Screen grab from video

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  1. The police self being in their uniforms bar hopping n is on duty with gun on their waist side n nun for for that #corrupt state

  2. Unless pjp administration don’t pay the devil st lucia will be Wild West..Lawless government some lawless people when the tourism industry falls flat down the government doesn’t care with the poor people shameful government..Regret I voted for Alva..

  3. The Police must immediatly Cordon off every Crime Scene or Traffic Accidents too much Foolishness in St.Lucia its time .Have all bystanders standing behind the police Caution Tape and the Cordon off beyond 300 Meters .Anyone who refuse to Adhere arrest and charge them

  4. The Rum guy that was lying on the Ground Should have Sustained the Same injury as the City police .A Percentage of Ignorant St.Lucians have no Respect for law and order in St.Lucia.The police Should have arrested all those who were making Treatening Remarks..After George Floyd’s incident in America no one has Respect for police .The white men did their Shit all of them are Behind Bars .This is aComplete different Situation .Its time the pilice do what they have to do so that St.Lucia Return be a Peaceful Country

      • @urhh shut up you fool. Police enforcing the law you coming and talk about communist. You for one always making a ridiculous comment. #Getlost

      • They will enforce that “communist” approach on you and your man, you acting like police are saints and they don’t abuse people as well. I’m sure you work for the government you getting good pay. #HouseSlave

  5. People are just out of control in this country. If the police/law enforcement try to enforce law and order, bystanders cause obstruction and talk crap. You just can’t win. This ship has really sank Papa.

  6. Only in SLU. People get shot in other countries for not obeying police orders. Some of those bystanders would also be apprehended. Too much lawlessness in SLU. There is a law against public intoxication even though it is hardly enforced.


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