City Police Generate Over $200,000 In Illegal Parking Fines In Four Months

The Castries Constituency Council in connection and the City Police generated $237,500.00 EC in illegal parking fines for the period 12th March 2019 to 31st July 2019, according to a council official.

 The parking fines were imposed amid a fresh campaign by the City Police to ticket motorists engage in unauthorized parking in parking lots around Derek Walcott Square, the official told St Lucia Times.

The campaign followed complaints from motorists who pay for the parking spaces around the square, but find them occupied by unauthorised vehicles, according to reports.

Documents indicate that the City Police issued a total of nine hundred and fifty traffic tickets during the period from March to July 2019.

Each ticket was valued at two hundred and fifty dollars, according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.


  1. Good Job!”#@🏺⚔” No one, says “! That to the police 👮 anymore!”.

    • when you raise CCC monthly salaries from $360 grand a month to now $580 grand, by employing Uwp hacks exclusively,, to make your squad, they have to sQUEEZE the public to make payroll.i for one will never park on the square or anywhere else illegally while I remain unemployed I must sponsor the Flambeau hacks? Never!!!

      • Do you even know whats a grand.. That’s a thousand dollars IDIOT
        Someone gets 360-580 thousand dollars a month in St Lucia.

  2. Fine them when they break the law. Some of these people travel abroad and obey the laws of other countries, but want to disobey laws at home. If they do not pay the fine, tow their vehicle away. Great job St. Lucia Finest

  3. Have you heard lie lie with statistics? I have no doubt that the number of tickets claimed to have been issued were indeed issued. What’s not being said however, is the number of tickets that actually make it to the court or the number that was actually paid.

    The naked truth is that about 70% of the tickets issued are never paid resulting in millions of dollars in lost revenue. They are rejected for several reasons such as overwriting, errors and omissions, illegible writing and so on.

    So what City Police should actually be saying is how much money was actually collected by the courts during the stated period.

    • “generated $237,500.00” You know what generate means? The answer is right there.

  4. Great job!!

    Now tell me who is policing the Police?

    First the officers attached to the Immigration Department adversely impact the free flow of traffic on Bridge Street by the indiscriminate manner in which they park their vehicles.

    Secondly and quite oblivious to the above impacts, Central Police Station was located on Bridge Street and worsened an already bad situation.

    This happens daily and absolutely nothing is done about it…… can that be right and just.

    1. Relocate the bus stop located adjacent to the Du Boulay’s Bottling Factory to the “Gardens” and assign parking to Central Police Station.
    2. Relocate the bus stop on Mongiraud Street to the “Gardens” and assign parking to the Department of Immigration.

    * Use of CCTV can be employed to monitor the service vehicles parked away from visual sight.
    ** The Gardens is already being used by the Gros Islet buses so in my view, if there are no plans to restore the area, then use it as a bus terminal.
    3. Demolish the dilapidated buildings in the Police Yard and construct a new facility, with parking, for the various units to be housed there.

    So it is good and well to boast about the number of charges written but it is a slap in the face when the very police indiscriminately break the very laws that exist for all and in so doing create interruptions to the free flow of traffic.

  5. we dont know how to make money on this island i swear from a government perspective. 500 for speeding, this would dramatically reduce the killing fields that our roads have become. then the noisy neighbours who play music; 1000 grand. by the time you done with those fools half a million coming in every year.

  6. As much as i agree with the police doing their jobs,the question is where or what has the gov’t done to accomodate parking in this congested shitty…is like the setting their zatwaps to make millions….and out of over 900 tickets how many was the subdueing police officer friends.

  7. For 15 min to pick up a birth certificate I paid $250.00 I just hope they don’t except me to walk or stand by them when they not getting paid Demonstration illegall for me. Besides the square should be meter parking that’s where all of Castries is and a better way to bring in money

    • Well you broke the law and you paid the price. Do you want thieves and murderers imprisoned? Same concept.

  8. And meanwhile “they” holding space opposite the square in the free parking area for their friends for a nominal fee for their own pockets

  9. Hi people grow up it’s a square with designated parking allocated to individuals who have paid and been authorised to use it like anywhere in the world. Why should you or I for our convenience use it freely, in NY, London Sydney Toronto the world over you would be fine stop being lawless and respect the laws. There are are other available parking spaces now free and paid e.g Conway multi storey parking facilities get on with it and stop complaining because you have been caught.
    You took a chance yes and did not get away suck it and move on.

  10. Some people just don’t know what the hell they want. You complain abut parking in the city and then have a problem when the police enforce the LAW! If you don’t want a ticket then you don’t park ILLEGALY! It is so plain and simple – are the police responsible for you not obeying the law? You went to driving school and were taught to obey road signs and street markings, init?

    And doing simple maths, 950 tickets in 4 months (120 days) works out to just about 8 tickets per day! I say these officers are slacking because I am sure much more than eight parking offenses are committed in the city each and every day – wouldn’t you agree?

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