City Police ‘Have Information’ About Suspects Who Attacked Tourists

City Police officers have information about two suspects who carried out an attack on a mother and her daughter who were first time visitors to Saint Lucia aboard a cruise ship, the office of the Mayor of Castries has announced.

“Our City Police are ahead of it – we actually have information about the two individuals and we are pursuing this vigorously to ensure that those persons responsible will be hauled before the courts,” Press and Communications Manager at the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC), Jason Hullingseeed said.

Hullingseed made the comments in an interview with Radio Caribbean International (RCI), Monday.

He disclosed that both he and Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, were in office at the time of the attack on Saturday morning in Sans Soucis.

“During that time we deployed our City Police to the area,” Hullingseed told the RCI Midday News Edition.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the mother, in her late fifties and her 29 year old daughter, both from Germany, were attacked by two young males as they left Serenity Park.

The victims put up a struggle as an attempt was made to relieve the older woman of a pouch that she was wearing around her waist, it was reported.

Passersby converged on the scene after hearing screams and the attackers fled empty handed.

The victims, who are said to have sustained multiple abrasions, later returned to their vessel, identified as the AidaPerla.


  1. I am lost, yes zabo is lost! Can somebody please tell me: who the so call city police should report to; is it the Mayor’s office, or the central police?

  2. Are the city police authorised to carry out investigations? Are they running competition with The Royal St.Lucia Police Force ? If you got information why isn’t it passed on to the relevant department (the Police ) to carry out. Are the city police officers trained, qualified or equipped to carry out investigation

    • Just asking , i was thinking the same thing. The city police department should know competing goals between those two department will result in neither of them achieving any of their objectives. Its like parents wanting to renovate their home and child wants to go to university and there is only one income that cannot accommodate both at the same time. the parents has to decide which is more pressing, sending the child to university or do the renovation this year. A good parent would send the child to university and wait a year or two to do that renovation.
      Pass the information to the trained Police Officers on and do not let self interest put a hiccup on st lucia safely city police

  3. The ladies were attacked and left but you are ahead of it? That does not sound so. You are going to haul them to court? Which court? They have court? Smh.

  4. Hullingseed please you have to be more profesional,you cant open your mouth like this.All what you had you and whoever else,you keep it to yourself you call the police and pass it on to them.Now its out on the street and all the island is talking about it,these guys are getting boat rides to flee the country and wait till things cool down.There goes your chance to get these guys,you just made a mess of it.I hope im wrong.

  5. Well well well we have much more idiots in saint Lucia than criminals it’s a combination who can the law men fight against criminals or idiots

  6. Beh-leh-lesh! Pick me teacher! Stop that crap. Hand the information as quickly as possible to the appropriate authority. This is as bright as a 2-watt bulb.

  7. The whole infrastructure of the police department is crap… if you guess cannot do the jobs y’all are getting paid to do, it’s time to get some outside experts to handle things… because day by day you guy are showing how incompetent y’all are. Its embarrassing

  8. This is perfect example of delusions of grandeur!

    Hullingseed, what was the relevance of disclosing Peterson and yourself were in office on Saturday morning when the attempted robbery took place!

    You sound like a salesman with this “Our City Police are ahead of it – we actually have information about the two individuals and we are pursuing this vigorously to ensure that those persons responsible will be hauled before the courts,”

    What are you “ahead of” hand over the information to the RESPONSIBLE department, the Police.

  9. So you have all the information? were are the arrests? or did you call them on the phone to tell them you were coming to make sure they would be there so you didnt waste fuel?

  10. Now we have two police force competing and two comisioners doing their best to shine in the sun.Never thought I would witness this in my island.Lets call it a bit of a mess

  11. Such an idiot… You have information, you are ahead of it… Pass on the information to the relevant authorities. And stop pushing Peterson’s agenda of trying to undermine the RSLPF!!

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