Saturday, January 19, 2019
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City Police Make Arrests for Brandishing Knife, Urinating In Public

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City Police Officers in their continuing crackdown on crime in the capital arrested two males Wednesday, one for brandishing a knife at a female vendor in the Castries market and the other for urinating in public, it has been reported.

A law enforcement source told St Lucia Times that in the case of of the knife brandishing incident, the 45 year old aggressor was taken to the Mental Wellness Centre for psychiatric evaluation because it was reported that he had a history of mental problems.

In the case of urination in public, the official disclosed that Wilson Thomas, 55, of Rock Hall, was formally arrested and charged for the offence of indecent exposure.

Thomas is accused of urinating in a public place on Coral Street about 1:40 PM on Wednesday.

He was scheduled to appear before the court Thursday.


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  1. There are public toilets,in market area,plus all bars have toilets.Maybe we need more? Maybe some more readers can provide more toilets locations,please help.

  2. That’s all the crime they can stop, rapist, murders, cocain dealers all walking free… But they get a commission for arresting a man for peeing… really…? Where u want him to pee…. Cudoes for doing yaull job etc but on te real be rational, dem tickets fines etc come with warnings first take down our info and if their caught again then u fine them, a system that encourages yet enforcees not bullies cause trust me after working hrs u just an off duty pig 🐽 and anything can happen.. . Don’t steem hate always remember yaull are public servants but we all humans first…