City Police Officer Fired After Missing Gun Probe

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Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, Tuesday confirmed that the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) has fired a Police officer after a probe into a  gun that went missing from the council’s armoury.

The incident last year came to public attention after video footage began circulating on social media.

After the Glock pistol and ammunition went missing, the police launched an investigation.

But officials explained that because of ‘inconclusive evidence’, investigators did not press charges.

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Last month, the Mayor of Castries told reporters that the footage the CCC had submitted to the police was ‘not sufficient’.

As a result, he said the CCC was examining ‘administrative measures’.

The result was that the CCC took a decision to fire the veteran officer.

He had served for over a decade with the City Constabulary and later with the successor City Police which was launched some four years ago, officials say.

“We had a hearing and gave the officer in the incident a chance to defend himself,” Mayor Peterson Francis stated on Tuesday.

Francis told St Lucia Times that the adjudication hearing concluded that the CCC ‘could not hold the officer anymore’.

“He was very negligent in what he did,” the Mayor declared.

Francis explained that because of the incident, the City Police have overhauled  procedures for issuing firearms to officers.

“What happened the last time is that the officer did not even sign for the firearm that he took,” he explained.

Francis revealed  that as part of the new procedures, only the diarist will issue a firearm.

And he stated that both the diarist and the one who receives firearm will have to sign a dated document.

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