Sunday, January 26, 2020

City Police Sound New Warning Against Urinating In Public

The City Police have issued a new warning against urinating in public, after four males were hauled before the court this week and fined for indecent exposure.

The men were all required to pay $500 or face two months in prison after pleading guilty to the offence.

A bench warrant was issued for a fifth man who failed to show up in court.

“I am letting the public know that the City Police are there to adhere to law and order in the City, especially the offence of indecent exposure,”  Sergeant Yone Camchon told Hot 7 Evening News Friday.

He called on all citizens to use the toilet facilities available in the capital.

“There are facilities all over the place – in he Boulevard, on Jeremie Street, on High Street, at the Central Market,” Camchon observed.




  1. I would like the City Police to start arresting the many mini bus drivers who urinate on the Dennery bus stand right next to the gas station where there is a public washroom available for use at the price of $1.00. The Area really stinks and they expose themselves whilst urinating to passersby and are even a health hazard as they do not wash their hands and are handling cash which is being exchanged with their customers.

  2. Bro. if this is you on the other side of the phone… DAM B. I guess this time they will bring the electric chair to your house son. Well you know the drill, just get the pen and put the ink on the wood and make sure it sticks. The only problem is many of those ministers on both sides do those things. I am not saying all but many man and women of power get down like that. The only thing is they were after his head.

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