City Police To Be Restructured To Tackle Organised Crime

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis has announced plans to reorganise the City Police Department to tackle organised crime especially in the capital, in cooperation with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Addressing reporters recently, Francis explained that the ‘reformation’ will match up to crime management strategies.

He said this will include the City Police Emergency Hotline;restructuring of the policing strategies; an increase in skills training for City Police Officers; partnerships and closer collaborations with the RSLPF and increasing the manpower and machinery of the City Police.

“We must recognize that reforms and policy positions work together and therefore, we salute the decision of the Government for legislation which strengthens the role of the City Police,” Francis stated.

He told reportersĀ  there’s no no doubt that without the added efforts of the City Police Department, petty crime and other illegal activities in the Saint Lucia capital could have been out of control.

“The reality is that the City Police contribute greatly with many challenges and limited resources,” Francis declared.

He told reporters that the country had another successful cruise ship season with stakeholders reporting no incidents from any of the cruise vessels and their guests during the last cruise season.

In that regard, the Castries Mayor applauded the work of the City Police and members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

But he made it clear thatĀ  there must be a balanced approach of prevention plus tough penalties which will send a clear message to criminals.




  1. You have a private sector and big businessmen exploiting the work force for less than 10 hundred dollars a month but talking about tackling organize crime.. How can crime stop when the money that private sector workers earn is not enough to provide for themselves and their families I believe that mayor fell on his head

  2. I’m all for the concept of the City Police but the calibre of some of the characters leave a lot to be desired. I kid you not. Just last week while walking behind one of these officers, I heard a call come in on the walkie talkie. It sounded like an emergency. The gentleman taking the call sprung into action to respond. His female companion told him in a very rude tone and to paraphrase, where the hell you rushing too. They then proceeded to stroll along the sidewalk like a couple in love along the Champ d’elysee. Was half expecting them to hold hands.


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