City Police Warn Carnival Revellers Against Urinating In Public

The City Police Department has warned that it will be cracking down on carnival revellers who choose to urinate in public.

“The City Police will be out in full force over the carnival season and will be on the lookout for persons committing violations against section 503 of the criminal code,” the department said in a release to St Lucia Times.

The release made special mention of individuals who use the area of the Dennery bus stand as a ‘urinal zone”.

This week a 42 year old male construction worker pleaded guilty to the offence of indecent exposure on Carl Crescent Street and was fined $500 when he appeared in the First District Court, it was reported.

According to the City Police, the accused was given two months to pay the fine and in default, one month in prison.

Earlier this month, the City Police announced that they had  recorded a total of fifty arrests for indecent exposure in the Saint Lucia capital between March 2018 and June  2019.

Indecent exposure accounted for most of the arrests followed by 28 cases of the possession of dangerous weapons and 26 for disorderly behavior, the law enforcement officials stated.



  1. The city police are supposed to carry buckets for the revellers. Each city police suppose to have a bucket so when the revellers want to pee they can use it. Peterson should have one too.

  2. Martin fools like u alone that will make stupid comments i want to know where u leave and will come urinate straight on the pillar of your house or yard

  3. City police has a case if it can prove that there are enough toilet facilities available for 4,000+ revelers AND 8,000+ spectators!!!
    According to the WHO for Mass Crowd Events ISBN 978 92 4 156493 9 “Separate toilets should be provided for men and women, with at least one toilet seat for every 200 females and at least one toilet seat for every 300 males.”
    Assuming 4000 revelers has a 1:2 male to female ratio, somebody has to provide (2/3 * 4000)/200 = 13 toilets for females and 7 for males
    Assuming 8000 onlookers has a 1:2 male to female ratio, somebody has to provide (2/3 * 8000)/200 = 26 toilets for females and 14 for males. That is 13+7+26+14 = 60 Toilets ( water closets). FEEL WE STOOPID? We jumping up- a mess a mess a mess a messs………


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