Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Civil Status Registry e-Services Coming To Digigov

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Press Release:– The Division of Public Sector Modernization (DPSM) continues its digital transformation efforts to modernize and transform public sector services by deploying two additional online services (application for birth and death certificate) on the GOSL’s Digital Integrated e-Services Platform, digiGov.

The implementation of digiGov, which is design to aggregate and launch 154 digital public services is one of the essential aspects of the government’s digital transformation drive to improve the provisioning of public service delivery.

According to Marlon Narcisse, head of the Division of Public Sector Modernization, digiGov is at the heart of St. Lucia’s digital transformation agenda.

 “We see digiGov as the catalyst for digital transformation, essentially focusing on how we can use technology to improve lives and also to improve government internal efficiencies. This would then translate to providing additional services to the public, where they could access government services on line at their convenience, and also allowing government to reduce on the actual cost of producing these services”, Narcisse said.

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In a brief overview of the digiGov project, Narcisse highlighted some of the most frequently used services on the platform.

Since its inception in June 2020, the platform has launched 17 vehicle-related services, including application for and renewal of driver’s licenses, permits, applications for omnibus endorsement among others, and most recently, applications for the Covid-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate was on boarded.

“So far, we have 18 services available online to the public, with over 40,000 transactions taking place on the platform, with roughly 40% of those transactions taking place online,” Narcisse explained.

“This is a very good indicator for how to set policy going forward, and looking specifically at what types of services we should be adding on the platform in the near future.” He added that the project is currently looking at other transformative types of services and access for the business community through the implementation of the Registry of Companies and Intellectual Property, ROCIP online.

Over the past year, the Division of Public Sector Modernization (DPSM) has been working with the Civil Status Registry (CSR) to automate and digitize at least ten crucial vital record services by the end of 2022.

The first phase of the process will see the deployment of two services, the application for Birth and Death Certificates, to the digiGov platform, and is slated to be launched on February 24, 2022.

The Civil Status Registry’s modernization initiative, according to the registrar Verlinda StanislasPierre, are aimed to benefit all stakeholders. “For the citizens, we are saying that there will be more convenience for them, they will be able to apply online, and they have the option to pay online or utilize any of the governments Treasury Offices”

“One of the other major benefits for citizens is that the system will be more transparent,” she continued, “simply because once you’ve submitted your application, the Civil Status Registry will now be accountable to the public, which means that once their requests are submitted, we’ll have to ensure that registry responds to the public.”

The registrar also underscored the benefits to the Registry, citing greater efficiency, increased staff productivity, a reduction in recurrent spending, and less wastage as important advantages. “It would be a timelier process because the process will be more seamless, and we will see increased productivity,” Pierre added.

The first two of the e-services of the Civil Status Registry, application for birth and application death certificates, will be accessible to the public at following the official launch, on Thursday 24th, February 2022, at 10am, at the Financial Center.

(Source: Department of Public Service)

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  1. Senor Narcisse, can you tell our hard-working taxpayers’ how much it is costing the country to implement those mediocre technologies that you are touting here. I have heard from reliable sources (i.e., your public statements) that you have USD 30M at your disposal to bring 164 services online. At the end of the day, all I see you have done so far is to offer a platform to pay for some services that are not really solving the main problem of long waits e.g., 10 business days for renewing driver’s license after paying online through Digigov. What problem did you really solve when I must still wait 10 business days before I can physically show up at the Union Office to collect my physical license or driver’s permit. Whatever happened to algorithms to determine eligibility for a renewal and then issue a temporary license that one can use till one can make it to the Union office, especially so for persons who reside abroad or away for a relatively extensive period.

    Also, what did you really solve with the digital vaccine certificate? Are you aware that each vaccinated person received a physical government issued vaccine certificate? Are you aware that many of us, because of your tardiness, have already used our phone camera to store a soft copy of the physical card on our phones? Has the physical version of the certificate been made illegitimate? If not, instead of waiting for 5 business days for DigiGov to approve something that adds no value to my current experience, I prefer to stick to the image I have on my phone. FYI, I have been using it to show proof of vaccination when required, even for travel.

    Look man, stop this mediocrity now!

  2. The type of equipment’s gates are using cannot withstand hackers and sadly we going down that channel… St. Lucians will now born in russia, china and germany

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