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Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am

Civilian Opens Fire After Bandits Snatch A Hospital Employee’s Bag In Castries

A civilian discharged a firearm on Laborie Street, Castries, after two males snatched a bag from a hospital employee and ran off.

The duo escaped, according to reports.

In confirming the incident which took place on Thursday, law enforcement officials told St Lucia Times that no one is believed to have been injured.

According to the officials, the male hospital employee’s bag contained an undisclosed sum of money.

They said that the incident occurred near the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

On the same day, masked gunmen robbed Ti J’s Ultramart supermarket in Marchand, escaping with $240 in cash.



  1. I think that one group of people are responsible for all the breaking and stealing in the country

  2. Everyday there are groups of young men roaming Castries in all corners. By the CDC near the taxi stand have a group especially at 4-4:30 waiting for people to rob. Why are these young men there everyday and no one braking them up. They wait and then they move in group of up to four five looking for people to rob. Enough is enough with these thugs. Shoot them in their legs so they can’t rob people and run.

    • In their legs? So they go to hospital and recover off taxpayer money? Nah. Shoot them in their head and be done with it. A funeral is far less costly to taxpayers and we know we will never have to deal with that problem again.

  3. It’s high time the people they do that to send them to kill themselves… u will start hearing young ******** hanging themselves n soon there will b no more to fear!!!…. I WILL SEND Y’ALL TO KILL Y’ALL SELVES!!!!! Cops aint doing ****… that my justice!!! #isaidwhatisaid

  4. The licenced firearm holder is a mad man to discharge rounds in the city like that. I understand he tried to help but what if he had hit an innocent person or killed the thief? He is not law enforcement and his life was not threatened. That been said, he need to go train to shoot properly at the St. Lucia Shooting Association. Then he would not miss.

  5. It was a very dangerous act by the civilian to have discharge rounds in the city.he could have killed innocent by standers or he too could have been killed by the cops.

  6. These thugs are brazen. They have no concern about being apprehended by law enforcement. Crime should be the top priority of the government. Shootings and robberies have become a daily occurrence. The relevant authorities are sitting on their hands. They are either tone dead or have no clue as how to arrest this problem. Why do taxpayers have to ditch out thousands of dollars each month to pay the Minister of National Security for doing absolutely nothing. The man is like a peasant farmer in a science lab, totally out of his depths.I want to sympathize with the person(s) who will be robbed or shot tomorrow.

  7. I hope things are better by the time we Get to Castries for our holidays in October. We love St Lucia.

  8. Yes you can shoot them in their leg and they will never walk again .. but I to would rather the head … bunch of assailed..

  9. As a license fire arm holder I want to know what justification does the civilian have in discharging his firearm. What if the police find out his life was not threatened nor any one in his immediate care. This could be a potentially dangerous and legal issue. My advise it to take careful precautions and be verse in when it’s appropriate to use deadly force .

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