Clarification Of COP’s Statement

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On Monday, August 8, 2022, Commissioner of Police, Milton Desir, was interviewed
after a cabinet brief, by members of the media.

Following this interview, he was quoted as having called for regional and international help to fight crime.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force wishes to lend context to and clarify the statement made by Commissioner Desir.

The statement referring to seeking aid was made in relation to forensic analysis and
Commissioner Desir referenced the recent arrest of a suspect in the murder of Mary
Julietta Charles of La Perle, Saltibus.

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He stated that this homicide was resolved due to forensic analysis, which was sought outside the island. In light of this, Commissioner Desir stated that further aid is required externally to bring about resolution to some crimes committed locally.

Commissioner Desir went on to explain that the team of officers from the Regional Security System who had been posted here for a period of three weeks, were not involved in investigations of matters, as they performed patrol duties.

The aid sought, is in no way an indication of a lack of confidence in the investigative capabilities of our officers, but more so the limitations of resources, particularly forensic testing, which presents a challenge locally due to lack of accreditation for our facility.

In the past, we have been primarily reliant on eye witness evidence, an avenue that is
increasingly becoming less viable, due to witness tampering and intimidation.

The lack of a proper witness protection program significantly impedes our best efforts to
solve particularly violent crimes. Such a program is impossible without proper
funding, which is not readily available.

As a result, we have in the past sought assistance from our partner countries, in affording witnesses with safe accommodation and we have reciprocated.

Alternative investigative routes need to be explored, including forensic analysis and
auditing. Focus needs to be placed on obtaining the necessary equipment and
expertise to explore areas such as DNA analysis, cybercrime investigations, ballistics testing (a critical area given that recent trends show increases in gun related crimes)
and continuous training to cover modern criminal patterns.

Most of these are not within the purview of the police, who do not have direct control over such expenditure.

Reaching out to external entities is essential to achieving our mandate of crime reduction, as these are areas of expertise and equipment not available locally. It is therefore imperative that we seek the intervention of our regional and international counterparts.

We are not solely a global village in areas such as tourism, but also in our efforts to
combat incidents of crime. We have seen how local instances of criminal acts have
spilled over to neighbouring islands and countries around the world, and vice versa.

For instance, Saint Lucia is not a producer of firearms, but persons are illegally in
possession of weapons manufactured globally. Without the necessary technological
advancements and international cooperation, reducing and deterring importation is
near impossible.

It is therefore in everyone’s best interest to collaborate, combine resources as we tackle what is perhaps a plague which has its tentacles in every corner.

No place is free of crime and it is only through leaning on each other’s strengths, resources and capabilities can there truly be worthwhile strides in this fight.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. The commissioner needs to take a look within his owns called crime fighting department. There lies the crux of the problem! Cops involved in the criminal activity on the island and everyone is pretending it us not happening.

  2. Athens commissioner needs to take a look within his owns called crime fighting department. There lies the crux of the problem! Cops involved in the criminal activity on the island and everyone is pretending it us not happening.

  3. Look we need to start doing for our selves. You want forensic help. Invest in your people send them and study and have them come back to work to solve these problems.

    Why you all always looking for foreigners for help. You don’t have no confidence in your people?

    Also this whole system is just weak beginning with the leaders. You guys hear America talking about bill, you pass a crime bill. You never use the crime bill, weak leaders that should never be role models.

    238 square miles you guys cannot police? These rag tag criminals have the place under siege and you all can’t do nothing?

    Scared to deal with criminals because America will put sanctions. A country that be executing its citizens on the daily want to accuse you of wrong doing.

    We need to stop kissing people behinds and do for our selves. We don’t need no help man, the leaders need to start stepping up that’s what it is.

    And all this BS creole you all teaching in the schools, you need to start teaching tech and science, and engineering.

    Only then you all will stop begging Taiwan and everyone else for help. #GodHelpUs

    • I will not comment on Just Said lack of understanding.
      You are so right, we need to depend on ourselves, but politics has crippled us. The last administration sent people to do forensic science, but they returned on the eve of elections and so are not employed. Both are working in other countries now. Over to you Mr Speaker of the House.

  4. I thought this was the Commissioner’s resignation.
    The job is to protect the citizens investigate reduce prevent crime. If the Commissioner sdmits he cannot do that yhen he must make way fir doneond who can.
    I would like to remind Commissioner that the last time we went for international help was a fiasco, we ended in with some semi comatose cops from the UK ..becareful what you each for.

  5. Remember some time ago I said if he doesn’t have someone to write a proper statement for him before talking to the press he should keep his mouth shut…voila I guess he didn’t take my advice

  6. I know for sure that Miltongue did not write this statement. Damage control I suppose. Too little too late. It’s now time to “Turn off the lights, the party is over.” The force now needs a competent captain, one who is not drunken by the consumption of political wine. We will settle for one from anywhere in the world!

  7. When I read the previous article I did not need the explanation in this article to understand exactly where the commissioner was coming from. But I was taken aback (although not altogether surprised given the usual ignorance by some) at the ignorant comments of the likes of Jah T, Time for Decisive Leadership, Clueless police commissioner, Nyla St. Rose, Dean, Michael Pamphille, c-wiz, so what is goping on??? and Yholanda Stevens, These idiots don’t even understand that every country seeks assistance from outside sources to fight crime – whether it is from INTERPOL (The International Criminal Police Organization) or other sources.
    But i hope the above article help open their eyes/minds, although I doubt it will.

    • @Just said, Milton said what he wanted to say. The only issue is that it backfired since we have had enough of his incompetence. What he was really trying to say in a very subtle way is that the force needs a foreign police commissioner. I guess he thinks no one on the island has the ability to better him. But I have news for him – his performance was so poor and rock bottom, that no one else will perform worst than he did. This is the bar that he has created for judging a new police commissioner. Sadly do. We know good when see see it. It spells GOOD not POOR!

    • @JUST SAID

      If you think the scourge of crime that has ravaged our society just so that some commissioner can come make pointless statements then you obviously have not felt the brunt of the dire situation in Saint Lucia. Only now he wants to clarify his statement? And why not just do what it takes – if he has a clue – and sort out the lack of equipment or expertise in crime fighting? This is nothing new…this didn’t just started yesterday…this crime scourge has been increasing year on year…and therefore the boss must take the heat for it.. no one is saying countries shouldn’t seek outside assistance but do we not try to make progress as a society but managing our affairs by getting the tools we need to create a better society? Do we always have to depend on foreigners to sort out our problems? .I spare none of these fat cats while ordinary Saint Lucians are the ones paying for it both economically and socially…. ignorance is you sticking your fingers in something with a peanut butter consistency and which doesn’t smell as nice…


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