Claudius Francis blasts his brother over ‘stupid’ statement

Talk Show Host, Claudius Francis, has strongly criticised his older brother, National Security Minister Hermangild Francis, over a statement earlier this week.

The minister’s statement came in response to reports that the government had a list of so called enemies of the state.

It was also reported that a foreign country was given names so that telephone communications could be monitored.

Claudius Francis had read published reports about the matter on his talk show, prompting his  brother to issue a statement  on Monday.

“I want to categorically state that this is false. As minister with responsibility for National Security and Justice I would have been integrally involved in such an event.  I have never been involved in it and I want to state categorically that this is a falsehood,” the minister said.

The minister also demanded that Claudius present credible evidence, issue a public apology or “shut up”.

“I thought it was a stupid statement,” Claudius Francis said in response to the minister’s comments.

Claudius noted that his brother, the minister,  is the holder of a law degree.

But he asserted that the minister’s comments were more in keeping with a regular Special Police Constable than a National Security Minister.

“First of all he began his statement by admitting  he has not heard what I said but had been told – as the holder of a law degree he should not repeat hearsay of that nature,” Claudius Francis told the Times.

He observed that not only had the minister repeated the hearsay, but commented on it as if it was factual.

“He suggested that the words were actually mine and I had made insinuations, when all I had in fact done was to read an excerpt from the Antigua Observer and the Caribbean News Now,” Claudius Francis explained.

The Talk Show Host, who is also  Chairman of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP),  told the Times that the two publications had quoted extensively from both local and international sources, including US State Department officials.

Francis asserted that because the minister denied knowledge of the matter does not mean that it does not exist.

“I quoted the newspaper which claimed a list of twenty people. It did not identify those people, so I think the minister’s statement is foolish,” he declared.


  1. Claudi-ass is a COWARD. everytime his party in opposition he have some nonsense up his sleeves. you remember when he say that there were hit men looking to kill him. such an ASS. His brother would slap him out of his sillyness

  2. So Claudius Francis actually read an excerpt from “Caribbean News Now” Wow!! Isn’t that the same Caribbean news now that Timothy Poleon read and they wanted to sue his behind into the middle of next week?!! But today Claudius is reading an excerpt from this same news agency…. That man is such a hypocrite

  3. House slaves your white master chastsnet is not Jesus Christ don’t put your hands in fire for him

  4. Step back for a minute!

    If there’s any truth in this allegation do you honestly think the individual wanting to hack individuals contact numbers would disclose it to Hermangild, knowing that his brother is on the list!

    Regardless of Hermangild having a Law degree he ent got anything on his brother.

    Sometimes it’s slightly embarrassing to her Hermangild talk on issues.

  5. bro u and your brother no difference, after all you all came from the same hole bro. talk lots of crap, educated but lost you all common scence

  6. The real hipocrits are the media houses, sitting idely by and allowing chastanet and his Ministers to rape lucia again. Say what you want or think about Kenny but we have lost a true leader. You get the government you deserve

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