Clean up of L’anse Baison , Vieux Fort

Press Release:-  The influx of Sargassum seaweed along the island’s east coast has rendered one of the district of Vieux Fort’s most popular beaches, “Sandy Beach”, inhospitable for fluctuating periods of time. As a result, residents and visitors have begun to frequent a relatively remote, rarely visited beach along the island’s west coast, towards the base of the Moule-A-Chíque Peninsula in the name of L’anse Baison. With the rate of visitation increasing, there has been an upsurge in the quantity of improperly disposed garbage left behind by beach goers.

On Saturday the 25th of August 2018, a total of twenty persons comprised of members of various organizations as well as concerned residents of Vieux-Fort executed a Clean-Up Campaign at L’anse Baison. The organizations present included: The National Trust, National Youth Council (NYC), NYC Youth Ambassadors Network, The Vieux-Fort South Youth and Sports Council etc.

The initiative also sought to raise the participants awareness of several environmental concepts. This was achieved by distributing concise pieces of literature on relevant topics including Coral Reefs, Local Flora and Fauna etc. These were provided by officials at the Vieux-Fort Fisheries Complex.

Over 60 medium-large garbage bags worth of plastics, articles of clothing, glass and more were collected along the beach, these were transported via boat to the Fisheries Complex to be subsequently disposed of responsibly. Despite the immense quantity of garbage collected, “there still remains much work to be done“. The exercise will be repeated in the near future, increased participation from NGO’s and the general public is encouraged.


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