Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Closure Of Outpatient Clinics, Elective Surgery At MHMC

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Press Release:– Due to the ongoing fifth wave of COVID-19 spread in Saint Lucia, Millennium Heights Medical Complex (MHMC) regrets to inform the public that outpatient clinic services will be temporarily suspended beginning January 17, 2022.

Patients scheduled for elective surgery are also advised that this service will be suspended. Patients with scheduled outpatient clinic and elective surgery appointments will be contacted by a Patient Coordinator to advise on new dates once services resume. Updates on this suspension will be shared on MHMC’s social media pages.

Patients and their families are reminded of the current protocols at MHMC detailed below:


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All visitors must wear masks covering their nose and mouth, and under their chin at all times when indoors. Masks are also required outside in a small zone around our doorways. Visitors who don’t comply with these rules will be asked to leave the premises.

Visiting Hours:

Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH)

Ward – AGW 1-3, Obstetrics & ICU

1 visitor per patient

 Monday to Sunday | 6am – 7am | Maximum 15 mins per visit

Ward – Pediatrics

1 visitor per patient

 Monday to Sunday | 6am – 7am | One parent will be allowed to stay with the patient, name should be registered with nurses. Only 1 visitor will be permitted during visiting hours. If the other parent is just visiting and not relieving the parent who is already on the unit, that visiting parent will need to come to the unit at the hospital allocated visiting hours, thus reducing traffic on the ward.

National Mental Wellness Centre (NMWC)

All wards

1 visitor per patient

 Monday to Sunday | 4 pm – 5 pm | Maximum 15 mins per visit

MHMC recognises that persons may wish to drop off items for family members outside of visiting hours. Please note these items can be dropped off at the security station, properly marked with the patient’s name and ward.

The management and staff of the MHMC continues to appeal to the public to comply with the new measures as we continue to put your health first. For more updates and announcements, follow MHMC on Facebook and LinkedIn on @millenniumheightsmedicalcomplex or please email

Headline stock photo courtesy:  Natanael Melxhor

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  1. “Dominion and awe belongs to God ;
    he establishes orders in the heigths of
    “Will the Lord rejects us forever ?
    will he never show his favor again ?
    Has his unfailing love vanished forever ?
    Has his promise failed for all time ?
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    Your ways,O God,are holy.
    What god is so great as our God ?
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    O my people,hear my teaching ;
    listen to the words of my mouth.
    I will open my mouth in parables,
    I will utter hiden things, things from of
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    We will not hide them from their children
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    his power,and the wonders he has

  2. I do hope that everything is being arrange for those who has to undergo surgery and stop playing with human lives, where as,the virus is the hospital.

  3. @Lucia – your comment makes the most sense in this forum. With their limited resources in healthcare and education way before Covid all these Lucians do is complain, complain and complain. They complain that things are hard in St. Lucia, get a revelation people things are hard everywhere in the world – you reap what you sow.

  4. @Lucia stop being an idiot. Some people have waited forever for surgeries….it is not just covid. It is a lack of care and denial of a human right! Who cares about big countries. Well we should start doing like the French and have mass protests for everything during covid… we should start riots too because all these things happen in big countries….hey we can even storm the prime minister or government house because that happens in big countries. So who is ignorant now you clown? Let those affected express their concerns silky woman.

  5. Here are the facts the hospitals are not overrun by covid patients here in St.Lucia so this closure…even if it is temporary makes ZERO SENSE! Plus we know that there have been outbreaks amoung vaccinated on this island. The same people who have free access to fetes and so on…..spreading covid to everyone else.
    International this stunt is being pulled also. In place like Ontario we can fully go on the the government website and the hospital websites to see that the hospitalizations rates are low and those who are hospitalizations are mostly VACCINATED!!
    With this so called 4th wave this is the stunt and scare tactic being applied. Now what we should discuss is the jab side effects…the rise in heart attacks among the jabbed and the fact in Vieux Fort there have been recently jabbed individuals in wheelchairs now after they got jabbed!! Talk ABOUT THAT!!

  6. Since some fools talking about other bigger countries…what if we start a riot burn down buildings looting etc..would that be nice for the country…stop making excuses for this Slp administration what’s y’all for the country all that talk about handling the virus better than’s clear now y’all can’t I lost all my confidence in these guys our IQ is so low most won’t see the flaws #my country needs help

  7. The thing is in St. Lucia they tend to follow what other countries do espcially the bigger ones which has by far more patients compared to here. Its like they looking for an excuse not to spend more money on facilties but anyways if thats the case they say

  8. Maybe understanding what elective surgery is, might help those thinking of commenting make wise and just statements that contribute to respectful comments, even when we disagree. The new data out there suggest a lot of those coming to have elective procedures get COVID while in hospital, so I can understand part of the reasoning behind this decision

  9. The ignorance in some of these comments is mind blowing. Bigger countries have had to do the same and put elective surgeries on hold. Try to look at world news some of you and keep up to date with what is hapoening. Stop thinking every decision is based on politics. Most St lucians are unvaccinated and requiring hospitalisation hence the hospitals are overwhelmed.

  10. Been waiting 3 years for surgery with the Cuban gynecologist. When surgeries are happening the outpatients who see these doctors at the hospital DO NOT get priority. These doctors give the priority to private clients who pay to come to they private office so there is always a pile up of OKEU out patients. Three years I have been waiting.

  11. It happens globally. My scheduled procedure was postponed during the first wave. Sometimes they are postponed indefinitely due to lack of funds or insurance. What’s happening here is happening everywhere else. Learn to adjust. Some die while waiting.

  12. Politics is killing this country. All complain about the current administration but it was UWP who pushed more than 50% of the Healthcare staff at OKEUH into migrating by putting them on contracts from being permanent with inadequate incentives to retain them.

  13. Some lucians choose party before their health..each and everyone has to responsibility to take of the health and especially the older and the younger ones around us..on the other hand that is the government right to protect the citizens of the country..some of our people are so so disrespectful they need to change the mindset..but as far as I’m concerned the pjp administration is very weak especially on covid19..

  14. dats real mashee……so we have to live with covid like all the fools does say but clinical service is suspended?? since wen? i wonder if this happens globally as well…slu is a joke

  15. Wow that’s how you put the people first. Y’all get what you voted for. The SLP is definitely keeping their promise. So now go and get bush medicine . But they all can travel to get health care. Good for all who voted them

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