CMO Explains State of Emergency

Press Release:– The Government of Saint Lucia continues to monitor the way forward as the nation prepares to move into Phase Five of the framework to reopen Saint Lucia’s society. Balancing lives and livelihoods and navigating a safe path towards coexisting with COVID-19 was the overarching focus of the Update to the Nation which was broadcast live on NTN July 6th 2020.

Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet, Minister of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting Honourable Dominic Fedee, together with Tourism Permanent Secretary Donnalyn Vittet and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George addressed the Nation, reflecting on the policies and making new pronouncements moving forward.

The Prime Minister made several announcements with regards to re-opening of cinemas, Early Childhood Development Centres, allowing of tournaments, sporting events and contact sports with protocols for each activity.

The yachting sector will also be open with strict protocols and the curfew is completely lifted as of Friday July 10th, 2020.The country is also preparing to welcome its first set of commercial flights this weekend.

“We must remember the fluidity of what is happening. We are now heading into a phase where we are going to be taking on substantially more risk. We are going to do everything that we can to mitigate against the risk, but there is risk,” cautioned Prime Minister Chastanet as he responded to the question posed on the importance of the State of Emergency.

The State of Emergency was instituted on 23rd March 2020 to respond aggressively to the public health emergency due to the increased cases of COVID-19 on island.

“The state of emergency has allowed us to make decisions in a very timely manner in the management of COVID-19,” stated Dr. Belmar-George.

“In my role as the Chief Medical Officer, it gives me some power under the Public Health Act and also the Quarantine Act. The State of Emergency gives and has given us the possibility of putting measures  in place within a short time, for example zoning, the restriction on movement of people, the institution of the curfew,  allowing us to put protocols in place that we won’t usually have to do.”

The State of Emergency is expected to end in September and has also been utilised to allow one hundred and thirteen (113) Cuban doctors and nurses to assist local medical teams amidst COVID-19, specifically at the new respiratory hospital.

The CMO went on to explain: “To be able to practice medicine in Saint Lucia, you would have to be registered by the Medical and Dental Council. They are the authority to ensure that specialists coming in are thoroughly processed, and this may take some time. When we realised that we needed the Cuban Doctors to provide support for our respiratory hospital, quarantine sites and clinics, we realised that we needed to get them registered in a very short period of time. The Health Practioners Act which governs the role of Medical and Dental Council, under Section 39, gives you leeway where you can as the CMO, through the Governor General make the necessary recommendations. If we were to go through the normal process of registering the Cuban medical team, it would have taken months and we did not have months to wait.”

Even as Saint Lucia continues to reopen, citizens are encouraged to continue to adhere to protocols and to remain vigilant.


  1. Cmo you are doing a great job give god the glory… some lucians pretending they can read but don’t understand very sad because of the politics they have to turn everything upside down… I’m wondering if they love their country Prayers for St.lucia

    • Swing Voter before you take people to task, you should examine yourself. State of emergency is a political decision, so why is the CMO explaining? Let the politicians who made the decision explain?

  2. you don’t need a state of emergency to do nothing you mentioned. the state of emergency is more less a political game face it.

  3. State of emergency and you still gonna day yes to commercial flights …. madness!
    This is more like a communist regime … keep the people suppressed … wear masks …: dictate to bars and restaurants …. but let flights come in and let the visitors do as they please! We know how it’s gonna be!

  4. Interestingly she made this statement right after her boss did the same. “ Must be Coincidental”.Please if you are going to look for ways to justify the state of emergency, do not mention the Cuban doctors. Are you telling me that this couldn’t be achieved by other means.
    If there are important issues coming out of this crisis, there are ways to achieve the same goal without resorting to this draconian measure. I’m certain that the opposition would not get in the way. Too close to elections for them to take this gamble. Taste of power to some people leads to the gradual urge for more control. A little bit at a time appears harmless, but if left uncheck, power can be dangerous in the wrong hands…This is basically a way to control the narrative. You have or are planning to open everything else, but yet still you want to hold on to that thepower that transcends what you already have by virtue of your position.

  5. What we looking for in St Lucia we will surely going to get it.. I already see if coming all of sudden everything is a problem because of the politics god will fed up with us the us..The cmo is doing a d… good job

  6. When you supporting or defending a Leader who is a Masters Liar, uf you are not, but you will soon be a master liar. Is it true that WINFRESH is going into receivership? The PM said it so I am asking. Lies again

  7. Is the CMO a politician? this woman should not be talking about politics. i dont want to hear her. this is the purview of political scientists and lawyers to discuss a state of emergency not her.

  8. It’s SAD that the PM has to drag these public servants into their political game. That was a night for Dominic and Allen the politicians. They dragged the public servants into it so that their story would seem authentic. Sorry, the citizens have seen thru y’all, we’re not biting that bait. So sad, these are the ppl who have to take home 50% salary, then come on TV and smile with Allen and Dominic. Don’t you feel sorry for them?? Chas and his gov will pay for what they’re doing to the public servants.
    The same way they’re using the staff of NTN to push their political agenda. Then they will pay them 50% salary now then retrenchment later. That’s if Guy Joseph has his way.

  9. Lucian’s are so ungrateful. This Prime Minister has a great job but the ingrates in this comment section won’t see that.

    C la vie

  10. Why provoke the risk – tread softly where Angels fear to tread – CMO, keep doing a good
    job with eyes wide open. That Genie which jumped out of the Test Tube has now taken a
    life of its own. Spirits are invisible,so to defeat that beast is to use the Armour of the Lord.
    As much as it attacks ‘only’ humans by blood of animals like Bats etc, me and my family
    fight all sorts by the ‘Blood of the Lamb of God’ Jesus, by His stripes only we are Healed.

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