CMO Explains Use Of Term ‘COVID-19 Related Death’

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With 13 ‘COVID-19 related’ deaths so far, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has been explaining the use of the term.

She told a news conference on Wednesday that that one such death is too many.

The CMO said she wanted to make it clear what the term ‘COVID-19 related death’ means.

“We term COVID-related deaths because we test persons who die for COVID-19,” Belmar-George explained.

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“, I want to make that very clear, I am at no time saying COVID kills somebody and I am not saying that nobody died of COVID,” she stated.

“Our patients have other underlying conditions – our patients that we have had to date – a range of other underlying conditions which could have also caused their death,” Belmar-George said.

The CMO said health officials planned from early to contain cases of the virus and reduce its spread.

Belmar-George told reporters it was because they realized that this country has a vulnerable population.

She disclosed that the plan was the strengthen patients with chronic diseases and the elderly to protect them.

However, the CMO noted that COVID-19 exacerbates an already existing health condition, making it worse.

“So I am not in a position to say COVID killed any one of them, or to say it is not COVID,” she said.

“What we are saying, this person passed away and was positive with COVID-19,” Belmar-George told the news conference.

Headline photo caption: Dr. Sharon Belmar-George at Wednesday’s news conference

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