Thursday, August 18, 2022

CMO Highlights Importance Of Safety For All During Carnival Season

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Saint Lucia’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Sharon Belmar-George, noting a general tendency for participants to let their guard down during the carnival season, has highlighted the importance of taking precautions to ensure safety for all.

Among the matters she raised in a statement on Monday was limited Intensive Care Beds at the hospitals.

“Usually during this period we note increased patient flow in the Accident and Emergency Department at the Hospital,” the CMO explained.

In addition, she disclosed that annually, the Ministry of Health notes increases in sexually transmitted infections after the carnival season.

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“We advise against unsafe sexual practices,” Belmar-George stated while disclosing that the Ministry will be providing condoms to the various carnival bands to ensure availability to revellers.

“We are still managing the COVID-19 Pandemic and at high risk of the introduction of Monkeypox in Saint Lucia. Personal responsibility is paramount at this time,” she noted in the statement.

Belmar-George outlined other areas of concern and provided advice on public safety measures.

The complete statement appears below:


Headline photo: Stock image of Dr. Sharon Belmar-George

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  1. Take responsibility for your own health generally; not only Covid at Carnival but also irresponsible sex at Carnival and elsewhere. No one in these online comments ever addresses that – wonder why? Hmmmmm. Check the health stats – you might become enlightened (& frightened). Amazing too how people can afford those tacky Carnival costumes, ugly claws (fingernails) hair extensions etc but never stop complaining about the cost of food, gas etc.

  2. Dear Carnival Public please remember there are very few nurses at the general hospital in Castries. Therefore, I strongly recommend that only persons with a nurse in their immediate family should take part in Carnival.

  3. CMO i know it maybe your duty to say so but it makes no sense you say this because these ignorant fools they call lucians will not listen they want carnival so give them carnival They rather sacrifice their life just for a little rum and a good times and after all that is done the pressure is left upon you and the health care system. All fetes saying protocols in full effect but no one is enforcing these protocols so you think carnival will be any better

  4. Why go through this risk to burden the Hospital workers, the Police & city workers, do you have to do that? why not cancel the whole damn thing. I hope it rains right through that time, and some more. I guess Heliere has a stake in the matter, thats why he is pushing so hard. Lord stop Covid, stop carnival, spend time reading a good book.

    • he have something in it well cause the more people that gets covid the more monies the country gets allocated to fighting covid and this has been happening through out the world under hush hush. people will say its not true but who know knows and knows what is going on

      • Soooo very TRUE.
        AND good portion goes in the pockets of the puppets.

  5. I know we must coexist with this thing, but I caught the mild version last month and whole chu mwen Tay Mal! I don’t want this again ever. I have a booster shot too.


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