CMO: No Confirmation Of Omicron In Saint Lucia, But It May Be Here

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The Ministry of Health has issued an ‘urgent alert for the strengthening of public health measures,’ with Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Sharon Belmar-George asserting that the Omicron Variant may well be present in Saint Lucia.

“Although we have not confirmed the presence of the Omicron Variant in-country through gene sequencing, the transmission rate and disease profile suggest it may already be present,” Belmar-George explained.

“This has the potential to affect health and safety and workplace productivity. The Ministry of Health alerts all sectors on the urgent strengthening of all public health measures to reduce the possible impact over the next few weeks,” she said in a statement Thursday.

Belmar-George disclosed that during the last seven days, the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs diagnosed 308 COVID-19 cases with over 300 active cases presently.

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She reminded the public of the various measures they need to implement to protect themselves and others from infection, including limiting social activities at work and encouraging employees to get vaccinated.

And Belmar-George said the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs would continue to strengthen the health system to manage Saint Lucia’s fifth COVID-19 wave.

Headline photo: Dr. Sharon Belmar-George (File image)

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  1. President Mugabe said who is man to save woman when he himself did his best? You give them hairs they shave it and put markers… no eye browns i wonder if she have a silicon pump pump… mod why you didn’t publish my post?

  2. The upsurge in cases will have a negative impact on the workforce. Expect to see long queues; waiting time for service to be 2hrs or more and low productivity due to employees being infected and have to be in quarantine or isolation. Upsurge in cases not only affect the health sector negatively but generally all sectors.

  3. The Pandemic is here no one can deny it; the hospitals are full and people are dying. In India people were dying at such a rate, there was no place or time to bury so they Cremated them publicly. This is not fear mongering, this is fact. We have some smart asses on here who likes to quote from the writings of other asses, showing off with the letters ‘Dr.’ so in a way to command respect. In my life time I’ve met many such, some got theirs just to show off. This is such a sad state of affairs, the whole world and the medical profession globally are confused, but some wise guy smart ass wants to tell you not to listen to the experts nut rather listen to the one who was defrocked from the profession. They want always to be different, and to pick out from some obscure practitioner, only to show to the less learned – how much of a smart guy they are – as it is said ”to each, his own”(be guided by the wisdom of the Lord our God, He has never failed me, and I keep going on, praise his Holy Name)

  4. With all the fear y’all promoting have you people actually been watching the honest scientists. Most are saying this new variant is very positive. Very transmissible and very mild akin to the common cold. They are calling it the end of this pandemic. Stop with the fear mongering CMO. Your shame knows no bounds.

  5. The Cases will Tripple because Visitors Comind in From EnglΓ nd .America etc .So its from the Viaitors to St.Lucians .Then Transmitted Locally Island wide

  6. Seems to me that the fear-mongering by the CMO, surrounding the Omicron “cold” (as categorized by medical authorities in South Africa – who were the first to isolate this variant), only confirms the words of Dr. Peter McCullough, that

    “…early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive suppression of early treatment [for Covid-19], in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization, and death. And it seemed to be completely organized and intentional, in order to create acceptance for, and then promote MASS VACCINATIONS.”

    Dr. McCullough also asserted that there was public evidence that

    “Moderna had been working on the vaccine before the virus was released, and identified in the wild.”

    The CMO confirms, in her very public pronouncements, that either she was willfully ignorant of this comprehensive suppression of early treatment for Covid-19, or she was actively complicit in denying St. Lucians early treatment (evidenced by her persecution of Dr. St. Rose). Either way, she has abrogated her responsibility for the health health and well-being of St. Lucians; she should be summarily dismissed!

    • Let it be known it is the politicians, the “experts” and their special interest groups are the ones who took away your freedoms and forced this experiment on you. It is not those who chose to be cautious. Remember when you have anger to unleash those who put you in this position.

  7. Blah blah blah. That woman ain’t tired of beating her a$$. It’s the seasonal flu. Omicron my ass. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  8. Let’s now hear from the naysayers! Not until it comes nigh your home (wife, son, daughter, mother, father, and yourselves) will y’all be singing another song.

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