CMO Warns Saint Lucia Could See Fourth Wave Of COVID-19

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by Lissa Joseph

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has issued a bleak warning to Saint Lucians: observe all control and prevention protocols for COVID-19, or Saint Lucia may be set for a fourth wave of infection.

The warning came during an Update to the Nation via the Information Command Centre on NTN, on the status of in-country infections, transmissions and recoveries from the coronavirus.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George explained that the risks for community spread include non-adherence of visitors to hotel protocols, reduced use and poor use of face masks in public places, increased mass crowd events across the island, non-adherence to established protocols at business places, and the crowding of public buses without the use of face masks.

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The Chief Medical Officer noted that due to the noncompliance to the protocols, the country may be heading toward another COVID-19 outbreak.

Dr. Belmar George explained: “Previously we were managing with a rate of transmission of 1.1 now we have gone up to 1.54. We see the upward trend toward a fourth wave in country. We’re at a very critical point and we want to ensure that everyone is aware of where we are. Our actions at this point is really going to determine how we continue to manage. We can end up getting to a major outbreak as we see happening in other parts of the world.”

The CMO further explained that the very communities in which the majority of the protocols are being breeched are the ones recording increased COVID-19 cases.

“There has been a general relaxation of the measures during the month of May,” she said. “I think if we all take an honest look around what is happening on the ground within the communities, the social activities, there are specific areas which we have flagged and picked up the outbreak of our cases. So it is really important that as a country we do what is necessary, we take personal responsibility to ensure that we protect ourselves and our families.”

Dr. George emphasized that while a general decrease in COVID-19 cases has been observed, the possibility of an outbreak lurks, as members of the public continue to disregard the protocols.

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