Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Collection de Pépites Officially Launched

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The Ministry of Tourism and the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) have launched “Collection de Pépites”, the brand that will embody and fortify the marketing capacity of Saint Lucia’s Small and Boutique properties sub-sector, in the international source markets.

The bespoke brand was unveiled on March 16, 2022, during a special ceremony under the auspices of Tourism Minister, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire in the presence of stakeholders, and partners of the tourism community.

The name, Collection de Pépites, originates from the island’s French heritage and means a collection of small pieces or nuggets of gold, or something rather special to you.

The aim is to guide travellers through the options of staying in Villas, Inns, BnBs, and Boutique properties of 35 rooms or fewer that may not be as well-known as the island’s hotels and resorts. Many of the properties offer distinct opportunities for visitors to discover culture, culinary and wellness experiences throughout our communities.

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“Collection de Pépites presents greater economic opportunities for tourism, social and environmental benefits, and creates avenues for new initiatives. The brand will also welcome the involvement of our partners and communities in maximizing linkages with other sectors and our people, as we work towards achieving a greater level of sustainability”, said Tourism Minister- Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

Through the continued marketing efforts of Caribcation, tourism brands have noted high regard for this product, especially within our regional source markets. We are enthusiastic about this market-ready product that will further appetize the regional and international markets.

“The global travel context is changing, and this is in keeping with what our research has indicated. Travelers are looking for something special that caters to their passions and specific needs. With exquisite properties presenting stunning views and modern amenities, these offerings are at the core of our island’s communities. Saint Lucia will continue to build on its brand promise globally, lending even more credibility to our award-winning products and services across the island,” remarked CEO of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, Lorine Charles-St. Jules.

Embracing the opportunity and value the partnership, a commemorative plaque was presented to the President of Vacation Rental Association, Thomas Leonce. “We sincerely thank the Ministry of Tourism, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, and the St. Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association for creating meaningful avenues for marketing our classifications of accommodation. We look forward to working together to reflect the positive attributes of Collection de Pépites and reap the benefits of our offerings that will be further distinguished regionally and internationally. Our properties will continue to pride themselves on the quality of our product, and safety management”, he remarked.

All participating properties have been accredited by the Ministry of Tourism and Saint Lucia Tourism Authority to provide an added layer of reassurance. Ongoing reviews and checks will take place to ensure quality control and safety management.

Source: Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

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  1. Hope the marketing of this and other new initiatives isnt being handled by PeaEye7 Marketing company owned by the CEO of the SLHTA. Conflict of interest seems to be the order of the day with this particular government minister.

  2. As an SLP supporter I am concerned about the rapid loss of popularity and favor of a party which won an election mere 8 months ago with such a huge mandate. Putting you first has turned out to be about putting the dark money sponsors who helped buy votes, friends, wives, yconcubines and turncoat first. It was apparent when we saw that the familiar faces that graced our airwaves for every protest action, rally or any other action, that caused the SLP victory at the polls, noticeably absent from the victory celebrations and dead beats and opportunists sipping champagne and laughing haw haw haw. Almost instantly they arrogance of the SLP elite raised its ugly head and the people forgotten. They need to start some serious in-house cleaning and retrospection because their base has retreated feeling rejected and used. The ones who are uhrara are not the opposition sorry to add, but their very own supporters. Think on that PM and deputy PM. And about this collection de pepites… this is just a another repackaged same ole same ole aimed at enriching your ffwc….friend, family, wives and concubines. I said what I said.

  3. Dr Hilaire please stop there, shh when are you coming to Marigot? Our road is the worst in St. Lucia. Pam, the lady with the shop wants to know what your plan is for her entrance.

    • Yes uh and that lady that take the Bus Shelter like it was hers to do a whole shop you cant get no place to shelter if rain falls when you on top that hill when the bus puts you down there cause she running you down oh dont stand up in her place and block her things. for years now nothing is being done about it like as if they afraid of her

  4. I don’t know why he is so happy and smiling about, trying to sell a product that is half baked; tourism on paper may be a good thing for St. Lucia, but for the past couple years, and now looking at the immediate and near future, things look bleak. Mr. narcissus loves to smile and look happy, why not? after Jufalli ‘tings was great, and now, no problem, the boys at the top we take care of each other. Some make noise, some not happy, who cares. Let’s hope at some point, this silly war will be over, give it a couple more years, the tourists will be back. My boys are happy smoking de weed, I hope de shooting cools down and it don’t frighten visitors. This Government is united in one thing, we hold each other up when the chips are down; we’ll be alright.)but St.Lucia is bleeding, no work, crime is rising, everything is expensive, in the short term be better call on the one who is near and faithful – GOD.)

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