Coman Fevrier’s Body Arrives In Saint Lucia, Cause Of Death Still Unknown

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The body of ‘stellar’ Saint Lucian music student Coman Fevrier arrived home Wednesday from the United States  but investigations continue into the cause of his death.

Chicago police had initially listed the 21-year old Park University student as John Doe when they found him on January 23 after he was last seen alive two days earlier.

His body was  found on the ground in the 4700 block of North Kennicott.

Coman’s father, Peter Fevrier, a Catholic Church Deacon, told St Lucia Times he and his wife went to identify their son at Rambally’s funeral parlour.

Peter Fevrier
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“An envelope of documents came along. The death certificate – we checked out what the cause of death is and in that slot it said: ‘Pending investigation’,” the father recalled.

“On none of the documents is it stated clearly what caused the death,” Fevrier explained.

“We need to clarify this but it is in our interest to first do the funeral – give him a decent burial and following the funeral, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, we will look into the cause of death of our son,” he stated.

The father said the family had informal communication with individuals in the United States, mainly relating to expressions of condolences and sympathy, but nothing about facts.

“There is so much speculation, but what is critical is a written report and the contents of the report revealing the facts – that is what we want, but we are yet to receive that.”

“What we have been told on the telephone does not reveal anything about how he passed or the circumstances, the conditions. We don’t know anything to that effect,” the father told St Lucia Times.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with studying abroad – however you should conduct research on certain states within the United States and perform your due diligence before you go there. Also you need to ensure that you have a goog system in place of folk who could guide and care for you. This is so very sad with so many unanswered questions. The family should have obtained a lawyer and pressed for an independent autopsy before burial–perhaps some DNA could have been retrieved – RIP. I pray that GOD will shed some light on the who, when, what and why?????

  2. if they never did an autopsy on him in the states and in case you dont do one on him now his body is in saint lucia before you bury him then you will never find out the truth of what killed him

  3. Lucian is consider black and we cannot eliminate that from hate crime in the USA. I urge people not to seek any sort of training in the USA as it will get worst. Hate crime is on the raise in the USA they don’t see it as terrorism they find other terms to used to identify it. The UN is ashamed to point their fingers at the real culprit in this matter. Lucians go to school and learn – little black boy!

  4. They murdered u because of!u no the photo says everything rest in love fren hope justice is served kind of strange to see the cause of death has not yet been revealed

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