Common Entrance Low Scorers Below The Age Of 13 Invited To Re-Write Exam

Children below the age of 13 who receive low scores at the Common Entrance Examination, have been invited to take advantage of  additional chances to sit the exam.

“We want our parents to work with us in collaboration with the principals of the schools to look at the performance of students and allow them opportunities to improve on that performance.  Until the age of 13 that opportunity is there for all of them,” Chief Education Officer, Dr. Fiona Phillip-Mayer said.

Over two thousand grade six students across the island wrote the Common Entrance Examination last month to advance to a secondary school of their choice.

The Chief Education Officer said she was pleased that the exam was held without incident.

“First and foremost was the well-being of all of our students,” Phillip-Mayer stated.

She praised administrators, teachers, parents and other stakeholders and support staff including janitors, who made it possible.




    • Children below 13 having a second chance at common entrance is nothing new. This has always been the policy. Chooops tan

  1. Seriously that makes no sense. The kids will go into a secondary school anyways. So perhaps some secondary schools can consider lowering their entry requirments in light of COVID. why repeat stress? the marker of a good secondary school, talking from experience is the course subjects they offer and the support given to the student.

    • Let’s keep lowering our standard shall we. Instead of trying to elevate ourselves, we’re in a race to the bottom.

    • If any of you fools think that common entrance will make a vast difference look at the number of young people who leave schools in st lucia unemployed and still at their home. nothing wrong with schools deciding to apply different standards because kids are affected. no use repeating the process and affecting kids already affected. same stupid thinking that have you all where u all are in life.

      • ‘Trollop’ are you really calling people fools because you couldn’t make your mark? While common entrance may in no way indicate who a child will be later is life, there is nothing wrong with giving that child the option to choose to try harder! Gosh man, we are speaking on current issues not issues which don’t exist as yet!

        While the Ministry Can find another way to allocate students to schools, that option does not currently exist. We are discussing the issue at now!

  2. The Ministry of Education need to get serious and begin the evaluation of teachers. We have been evaluating pupils at that level for years and remain largely dissatisfied. Let us then examine the teaching methods of teachers and satisfy ourselves that the concepts are being taught. If it is determined that some teachers need help, the Ministry should provide the assistance required to help improve our Common Entrance results..

  3. Why would the ministry come out with such information to cause more stress on the parents and student before releasing the results even more to give the schools a heads up. Nonsense

  4. andrew i agree with you 100 percent…i have been saying this for sooooo long…..i am new into the teaching and some teachers need to be evaluated…..same paper and pencil same sit at the desk nothing new to help the kids learn in different ways…..i have aired this via this platform a long time ago and the responses were very critical of me…….

    the students can learn but the willingness and drive of some teachers is appauling….too salary and holidays oriented…….they need to go back to the drawing board….

    however, there are a lot of teachers who are very hard working and its a pleasure learning from them….

    why would the min of ed want to put the kids thru this??? nonsense!!!

  5. I too think teachers require evaluation. I think some yrs ago the minimum standard exam was used to evaluate teaching methods. Each child was given a different part of the paper. Not sure what happened next

  6. smh…really now? resit an exam and suppose they score higher than the another student the second time around….do you get to take their place? NONSENSE. They place them were they pass for the first time end of story!

    • Tamma I dont think you are aware of how this works. This system has been done before. Those with “acceptable” grades go to the secondary schools. Those who rewrite would spend another year in grade six and then go to a secondary school.

  7. I dont know why people make the students think its all about what grades you get and what secondary school you attend. None of these matter. Once you find yourself in a secondary school and apply yourself you will be fine. Everyone wants to go to the best and when they get there the competition is too much. Rewriting the exam wouldnt change a thing as these are trying times for parents as well as the students. Most of them are affected mentally.

  8. Those persons who mentioned that teachers should be assessed are absolutely correct. Many of our teachers are hardworking and effective but there are some who are the complete opposite. The structures in place to deal with ineffective teachers are defective, as a result many of our students suffer. In addition to lack of knowledge of the curriculum they’re supposed to be teaching, a lot of our teachers do not have the interpersonal skills nor the nurturing, caring skills that students need.

    If we invested in our schools and our teachers, our schools would for the most part be on the same high level and there would not be this angst over common entrance results. We would be satisfied that whichever secondary school our students go to, they would be adequately prepared. Our Ministry of Education needs to adjust to the times.

  9. this is still the old english way where they run with the brighter students and leave the rest behind. Some of them resit and are still unsuccessful, what happens next., they spend two more years at primary level and then fall at the wayside. Those with financially abled parents get the opportunity for another chance by some other means.
    The other thing is, now a student has to be 5 years old to enter kindergarten. With that said how many will get the opportunity to write the exam over? do the maths

    • I think this has little to do with education.And all to do with covid 19 protocols,that the government needs to look good in having set up at secondary schools.

      Having less children entering form one plays nicely into solving the spacing etc dilemma.

      The Min.of Education needs to apply its policy of universal secondary education for the many reasons it was deemed most suitable and send every child possible to a secondary school.

  10. Just a matter of clarification…students entering grade K at 5 years would have 2 chances at writing the CEE. That has always been the legal requirement.
    I agree that there are persons employed as teachers who are square pegs in round holes. This is not their calling and they are causing much damage to our nation”s children.
    On the matter of resisting, this has proved beneficial for some students and a detriment to others.
    However, students who perform poorly would have a greater challenge in the secondary schools due to their inability to read and write at grade 6 level.
    That is the fundamental issue. Our students are leaving primary school not having attained the basic skills in English and Mathematics. How do we address this ? What are the contributing factors? What is the solution?

  11. We have enough secondary schools spaces available here for our kids. So just modify the exam to one the assess students achievement in a more authentic way and then give them the opportunity to continue their education. In its current form the exam is discriminatory to students who have learning challenges.

  12. They should just do AWAY WITH COMMON ENTRANCE PERIOD. This old British Slave Master System is still running in St Lucia I don’t know when we will ever evolved as a nation. So many kids life have been ruined due to the fact they did not pass common entrance “they have to settle” this system was set up to set back Black People. I did not pass common entrance YES I SAID IT, but thanks to hard working mother I was afford the opportunity to achieve a higher education which I did, but this can’t be said for so many who never had the opportunity to attend high school and had to settle for trades which many made good for themselves, but many missed the opportunity to reach their zenith because they had failed common entrance.

  13. Low grade being negative again! Always looking to blame others for the country’s shortcomings!
    Instead of posting negativity get out into the system and work for change! Maybe start teaching … it might enlighten your heart and your spirit

  14. ……….nope I am retired always work all my life the only kind of work I truly enjoy these days is in my garden…at times I feel like becoming a political activist I have been approached.

  15. Thanks Dr Mayer, in my mind, it’s a great decision. Throughout our educational studies, we are taught to reteach then re- assess. How often is this done in real life. This reinforces learning. To the students benefit. Bravo. Great Job.

  16. ummm teacher that shud have been happening from the time students enter grade k to 6……the students’ time is far spent…….

    too many teachers hurry to teach syllabus… many teachers are being re-assessed??

  17. I agree that the entire construct of common entrance is a bit defeatist. at the end of the day everybody can learn and we shatter children’s self-esteem and sometimes set them down on a downward spiral. Time to revisit the entire school system, the numerous subjects taught at school that serve little purpose to the new generation which lacks all the core values they need to succeed in the world… thats why we run special programs to that end….joie.758 (Instagram/FB)

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