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Communications Officer Denies PM On Campaign To Silence Richard Frederick

Press Release:– The Prime Minister’s senior communications officer Nicole Mc Donald has denied repeated allegations by the host of MBC’s ‘How Can I Help You?’, Mr. Richard Frederick, that the Prime Minister is engaged in a campaign to silence him.

“Nothing could be farther from the truth,” says Ms Mc Donald, “Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, like any other citizen, is defending his name and reputation and has sought the assistance of the entity which is available to all of us to resolve issues of defamation and that is the courts.”

Says Ms Mc Donald, “Based on several statements which PM Chastanet has been advised is defamatory of him made by Mr. Frederick on his weekly TV show, the Prime Minister filed a lawsuit against MBC and the host. Mr. Frederick then gave an undertaking through his counsel to desist from publishing the words complained of.

“Indeed, on several occasions the Prime Minister ascertained that Mr. Frederick repeated the very words that the court had ordered him and he had agreed not to repeat. As is his right and that of all citizens, the Prime Minister applied to the court for redress. Mr. Frederick however has given the impression that there is an attempt to silence him. This is simply a case of defending one’s name and everyone has that Constitutional right. The Prime Minister’s application is at this time awaiting a decision and Mr Frederick will have an opportunity to answer to the application.”

Mc Donald adds: “This administration, like all previous administrations, has from time to time had its disagreements with both certified media reporters as well as opinion influencers with their respective biases. But this government has always respected, and will continue to respect, the freedoms guaranteed all Saint Lucians, whether regular media personnel, opinionated show hosts or opposing politicians.”


    • Nicole is trying to make herself relevant. She gets paid for doing nothing.
      RF employs himself. He is so relevant that Chastanet is fighting to keep him quiet. If he was as irrelevant as you seem to think, then Chastanet and Nicole would not even worry about what he says.

    • Why stress yourself. If you do not believe that’s your buss. The court will decide. Not you.

  1. CATERER, Richard is RELEVANT. So relevant that he tops 1.2k online viewers to his Thursday nite talkshow plus TV and radio audience numbering in the thousands. While Allen’s biggest Promoter can barely get 50 online viewers on his best Thursday night. Scary huh????? I know. Nuff said .

    • REALLY? I do tune in on Thursday does it means anything. It’s a big NO!!!!!. I tune in because we the viewers want him to believe he’s all the man. We are making him dig his own pit to be buried in it……..smh…..so if he has the most online viewers it means nothing, just a make believe. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • Lynn, you such an idiot? You make it your business to listen to RF to fool him? Did you read your piece of nonsense before pressing the post button. Oh Lynn, you convince me to believe the Pm when he speaks about the 43% with preschool level education. Your posts expose you as one who thinks like the 43%. Do yourself a favour – grow up.

    • This man is an instrument of chaos and perpetuates ignorance and stupidity. There are 170,000 people in this country and less than 1% listens to the rubbish he has to say. We also know there are many stupid people here as well. I would not use that as any measure of how effective a job he is doing. What I would suggest to this guy is to use his vast wealth obtained by whatever means and his legal acumen to actually secure convictions against politicians for all these allegations of corruption he is making. Do that and he has my respect. Until then he is just another mouthpiece manipulating the morons.

  2. Oh please “truth”. He only get viewers because he knows how to sell a story with excitment whether it is relevant or not, even when he was a uwp member. These numbers don’t indicate anything but the fact that Lucians love a story and not the facts.

    • Yet he is the only show with documentary evidence to back up his stories unlike the other hosts. Just because you don;t like the factual based story doesn’t mean it’s not facts

      • What documents. A cabinet conclusion? A contract? Aren’t these legitimate documents? Has anything he has shown have been of interest to the nation, that it made the news? Eg Last Thursday it was about guy giving his friend a contract to repair school. yes he apparently had documents. It about a week since. Has it made the news? Nada!

      • How legitimate the documents are? Can you verify these documents are indeed the real contract? NO!! Unless you can verify whatever RF is exposing on screen is in did factual then and only then you’ll have a voice. If not just hush!!!

  3. That why pm called lucian jackasses.csuse there’s a bunch of you who don’t know nothing but sit .if pm tell some of you to lick his a** y’all would be in line. richard was in the party let him talk .but the secret will reveal so the pm want him to shut up.

    • Wasn’t RF the same person who was part of the bunch? He was fired from the party, so he will destroy anything that gets in his way? Time will tell. The longest rope has an end

  4. Why stress yourself. If you do not believe that’s your buss. The court will decide. Not you.

  5. True. Mr Fedrick is informing his findings, if what he says is not true the court will take care of him, but behold! If what he says is true…..

  6. Yawn… Nicole is the cleaner upper of Allen’s mess. She is paid to LIE and she does it shamelessly. Girl, there is life after politics…stop selling your soul for a man who does not give a s*** about anyone but his friends and family

  7. What name… what reputation??? Ms Mc Donald please save your breath!!! There is nothing to defame!!!

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