Community Activist Condemns Police For Grabbing Man’s Hair

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Community Activist, Aaron Alexander, has condemned the action of a police officer who grabbed a man by his locks while arresting him.

The scene unfolded in a viral video on social media last week.

Alexander said he watched the video of officers manhandling the man ‘just because of a mask.’

“Saint Lucians, we have reached a stage where really and truly, we can’t breathe – literally we can’t breathe having a mask in your face all day,” Alexander, who is also a member of the Black Lives Matter Saint Lucia Chapter, observed.

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And he asserted that if people take off the mask for a little while to get some fresh air, the police breathe down their necks.

“This is total abuse of police powers,” Alexander declared.

In addition, he expressed the view that it represents a disregard for human and personal rights.

“And we really have to examine why is it we have to be brutalising our people, all in the name of not wearing a mask at one point in time,” Alexander stated.

As a result, he said the police have to reexamine how they do their job.

“It really and truly reminds us again of how Brother George Floyd lost his life at the hands of officer Derek Chauvin,” Alexander said.

He recalled that Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck.

“When I saw that police officer grab the young man by his hair, having his hand in the man’s hair, almost as if he is fixated and pulling the man’s hair, this is not how, I am sure,  he was taught to do his job as a police officer and we must condemn this kind of action, ” Alexander said.

Alexander said the Police Community Relations Branch and the Police Commissioner should also condemn such behaviour.

As far as he is concerned, the incident does not augur well for relations between the police and the public.

“Respect must flow both ways,” Alexander stated.

He asserted that the police are servants of the people, not masters.

“I want to ask that police officer, what if his actions resulted in the young man sustaining a broken neck?’ Alexander stated.

Headline photo caption: Aaron Alexander

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