Community Activist Presents Over $20,000 To Gros Islet Vendors

Community Activist Kenson Casimir Tuesday presented a cheque of over $20,000 to the Gros Islet Vendors Association.

The money was raised through initiatives organised by Casimir and supported by the vendors association.

They included a virtual telethon, a GoFundMe campaign and a ‘cash app’.

The money that was raised will be shared equally among the estimated 50 Gros Islet street vendors who were put out of work when the weekly Gros Islet Friday night street party was cancelled due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, a member of the Vendors Association told St Lucia Times.

“I have always understood what it means for persons to struggle,” Kenson Casimir told reporters at the cheque handing over ceremony.

He recalled his mother’s own struggles to ensure that he went to school.

According to Casimir, being familiar with the vendors struggles to provide for their families made it easy for him to assist.

The Community Activist explained that he has always been socially conscious.

He detailed his involvement in the community of Gros Islet, including being a member of the community’s action group from an early age, serving as a teacher and engaging in sports.

He urged other citizens to assist where they can in bringing to relief to others.

Casimir hopes to become the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate for Gros Islet in the next elections.

But he said he has not been selected for anything political.

“I may not be selected for anything political but the fact is these persons needed that assistance and  it is something I will do again if the opportunity arises,” Casimir told reporters.

“Whenever the party makes a decision I will be fine with that ,” he explained.


  1. That’s a Very good Initiative Towards the Welfare of the Vendors.The District Representative will.Never do Nothing to assist them
    During this Hard Economic Times .

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