Community Employed In Road Reconstruction Project

Press Release:- The Government of Saint Lucia recently awarded contracts to more than thirty sub-contractors for concrete works, as part of the Saltibus road reconstruction project.

The sub-contractors will be responsible for constructing about 7000 meters of drainage and retaining walls.

Minister for Commerce, Hon. Bradly Felix, said that over 100 persons from the constituency will benefit from direct employment during the execution of the project.

“The constituency of Choiseul/Saltibus has an abundance of talent. Not only are the people some of the most creative in Saint Lucia but I have always found their quality of work and work ethic to be exemplary. It is for this very reason that I am committed to engaging residents of the constituency in its development,” he said.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Hon. Stephenson King, congratulated the minister and the team of workers.

“Yesterday was another bright occasion for the people of Saltibus as we awarded jobs to over 30 sub-contractors all from Choiseul and Saltibus. Along with their teams of workers, these men and women are responsible for all concrete works under the Saltibus road reconstruction project, including 7000 plus, meters of drainage and retaining walls. I am extremely proud of my colleague, Minister Hon. Bradly Felix, and our entire team of workers,” he said, adding that the policy decision of the Choiseul/Saltibus District Representative was fully supported by the Cabinet.

A stakeholder’s consultation meeting on the Saltibus road project was held yesterday.


  1. Maybe it’s time for the Micoud North rep to take a page from the Honourable Bradley Felix?
    “Over 30 people from Choiseul and Saltibus”

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