Community Road Rehabilitation Project Begins

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The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport wishes to inform the public that works have commenced on the Community Road Rehabilitation Project.

Under this project, seventeen (17) community roads in Castries and Vieux Forth North have been identified for repair.

This week, commencing June 22nd works began on the following roads:

  • VIEUX FORT NORTH – Viancelle, Aldonza Lane (main), Perineau Lane, Aux Piquant, Pierrot Gap, Pierrot Playing Field.
  • CASTRIES- Barre St. Joseph

Works will commence on the following Roads on Monday June 27th:
Marchand Road, Trou Rouge, Beaubeauville, Ravine Troutreille.

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Motorists, pedestrians and residents of the aforementioned areas are asked to exercise extreme caution when traversing the vicinity of the roadworks, and to pay heed to the associated signage.

The Department of Infrastructure will advise on any changes to the work schedule, including the commencement of the rehabilitation of the Marigot to Discovery Road.

Any Inconveniences caused as a result of the road rehabilitation works is deeply regretted.

Source: Department of Infrastructure

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  1. Such an idiot it’s called taking care of the infrastructure it makes life easier attract investment and bring support to the communities and st lucia as a whole. you want to eat get off your ass and find a job. Governments are not a welfare organization

  2. I am appalled.
    Chastanet in powered: we don’t eat roads
    Pierre in power: fix the roads
    Mweh mem I am now seeing that things will never change for the better here with this mentality we have in slu.

  3. Gais Bois Road……….the road St Lucia Government has forgotten about. Only when there is an emergency and they cannot get to the families in need will the government take notice. SHAME ON YOU.

  4. The 43% is being punish. Mosa and Heliar and PIP roads are being worked on. Give Jeremiah something in Patience and St marie….St Marie needs to be restque….


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