Company Plans To Elevate Saint Lucia Calypso

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Press Release:- For a very long time, calypso music has only been enjoyed on stages during the carnival season.

Due to COVID-19, carnival events have been cancelled and the calypso monarch is one of those events.

However, this does not mean that the music shouldn’t be produced and that the calypsonians don’t have a story to tell because… they always have a story to tell!

So Keen Media, a St. Lucian based music industry management and artiste representation company, aims to assist the calypsonians with telling their stories, while being the mouthpiece of the masses as they’ve been for so long, through a visual production called Voice Of The People.

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“We want to elevate the art of calypso, to move the culture forward and to archive our history,” says Keen Cotter also known as The Mecca, Founder of So Keen Media. 

“We aim to assist the calypsonians, songwriters, arrangers, studios and other practitioners thrive amidst the pandemic and beyond while appreciating the living legends who have brought us so much joy through their songs and stage theatrics,” says Sherwinn Brice also known as Dupes, singer and Co-Producer of Voice Of The People.

To achieve this, the organization will create and digitize calypso content and put it out into the world so the music can be enjoyed, and monetized, across the globe.

By doing so, So Keen Media will create a system for St. Lucian calypso music to blossom and coexist alongside its more popular offspring – Soca Music.

Voice Of The People is structured in three-phases. In the first phase, a fund was established via GoFundMe (link: to finance the project and any future calypso endeavours. 

“This is the Voice Of The People; we need the people. Everyone is welcome to contribute. This will ensure the success of the project and help with transcending the calypso art form,” says Brice.

In the second phase, calypsonians were assisted with getting their songs produced and/or recorded and distributed to radio, streaming platforms and other online retail outlets.

The third phase is a docuseries with a competition element attached. Each episode will comprise interviews with five participants namely Walleigh, Menell, Teddy Boy, Jn. Charles and Invader.

The docuseries will also include live performances and will span nine episodes, each approximately 30 to 45 minutes long.

This will culminate in a final performance with a small judging panel and viewers will be asked to vote for their favourite artiste.

The top three will receive prizes and all participants will be presented with gifts from Digicel.

Throughout the series, however, the public will be given the opportunity to show support for the artistes by donating directly to them via

“We will air one episode per week,” says Cotter. “Each week will be dedicated to one participant in which two music videos will be extracted from their profile show and released on specific days.”

The first episode aired on Tuesday 21st July 2020 (which would have been carnival Tuesday) and will continue every Monday night at 8 pm.

Voice Of The People will air live on Youtube at and on DBS television.

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