Concern In T&T Over Unregistered Churches

There’s concern in Trinidad and Tobago over ‘overnight’ churches that are not registered with the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

The Trinidad Express reports that a lot of the churches are owned and operated by Guyanese nationals, Venezuelans and even Nigerians.

According to the newspaper, they have labelled themselves pastors, apostles and ‘other religious connotations’.

Seventy-five per cent of the “overnight” churches are not registered with the Office of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Trinidad Express stated.

Several churches are registered as non-profitable and there is no system in place for financial accounting, the publication said.


  1. It is high time St Lucia looks at “overnight” churches springing up here as well. Which of our ministries is responsible for religious churches? I have no idea, but it is worth looking into. Not just me, but all St Lucians.

    • No ministry is responsible for churches. People should realise for themselves they are being scammed. You cannot legislate stupidity.

  2. Many of these congregations are born from break aways from the first group.Obviously these people did not agree with the pastor and decided to open up and create another group,with another pastor.Its intresting to see humble people that dont have enough to feed their chidren,and send them to school properly fed,donate one tenth of their monthly wages to the church,and they sign a contract with the church.These churches are a scam and the pastors a bunch of scum bags,taking advantage of ignorant people.We the people should put an end to this shite,any time you see one of these idiots just stand in his face and curse the ****** *****.

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