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Concern over availability of low cost housing

The Public Relations Officer of the Tafari Charlemagne Community Housing Association, Doctor Marcus Day, has expressed concern about the availability of low cost housing.

He spoke against the backdrop of efforts by the National Housing Corporation (NHC), to evict persons who continue to occupy the La Clery CDC units which were built to accommodate persons displaced during the 1948 Castries fire.

Day recalled that there was an international tourism meeting some time ago where a man in attendance stood up and declared that you cannot have five star resorts in a three star country.

“Three star resorts have bathrooms in every room. I contend that 40 percent of our population is still using pit latrines – so we are not even a three star location,” he remarked.

“We are a two star location. So how do you have posh five star hotels with people living in one or two star housing and you don’t expect them to engage in crime? You can’t have the disparity of wealth that you have in this country and not expect people to be angry and to take it back,” Day stated.

“Twenty-nine percent of our population, according to statistics, are below the poverty line. How do those people afford rent? How do those people afford mortgages? Those people will never be in a position to pay $3000 a month for a mortgage. How do we get them to share in our national well-being?” he said.

Day said the issue of the La Clery CDC units is an indication of how these problems can run for generations.

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) has started demolishing the CDC units, and has moved to court to evict residents who have been occupying others.

“Generational poverty. Generational insecure housing,” he explained.

“The Housing Authority has sued two of the residents of the CDC because they say that their presence in the buildings that were vacated stopped them from destroying the property – from bulldozing the property, and that the amount of the suit is what it would take to remobilize the contractor to come there and tear down the building,” Day stated.

He said the NHC sent a file of all the corporation’s documentation.

“The problem is that there was a letter from 2014 from the Housing Authority that puts a stay on the evictions and a stay on the destruction until a suitable arrangement is made with the people.”

Day explained that this has not been done.

“All that has been done is that they came up with a cabinet conclusion in March to demolish and because our law is such that you can’t evict people, they’ve been trying to coerce people out of the buildings so that they can demolish.”




  1. I find that people and some governments are becoming very insensitive and uncaring to the needs of fellow human beings especially the poor. Some people are desperately poor and find themselves living in very deplorable conditions. The economy is not producing any good paying jobs. After bulldozing their living quarters, where will these people get the financial means to purchase land and house? No attempt is bring made to relocate these indigent, homeless people. They are dispensable. Meanwhile wealthy foreign hoteliers are getting concessions worth millions of dollars. One walked away recently with $ 25 000 000 but not one cent in assistance for these penniless citizens. They must be made homeless and sleep on the bare concrete. This is a heartless, unconscionable government that should be voted out of office at the first opportunity to do so unless they amend their ways.

  2. I wonder if he spoke during SLP regime when they sent the eviction letter. these people are just hacks and have very little concern for the poor. Why didnt he ask the SLP to find housing for these same people before 2016.

  3. liselle…it doesn’t matter whether he spoke during slp regime the fact is ppl are being displaced at this very moment with nowhere to go and his argument is valid……things will never get better in this country because ppl with little are being ripped off of the little they have by either government (slp/uwp) and those who are well off encourage it. This is a country of blind, greedy, and heartless leaders (both political and religious).

  4. I didn’t know Marcus Day was a politician an SLP hack? Next time I expect to see him in his red shirt

  5. Low cost Housing does not exist in this world! Low cost cars do not exist…..unless is an old jalopy. Hope you all get my point.

  6. I would like to ask Mr. Day or the remaining Tennant’s whether they received a “DISPLACEMENT GRANT” by the last administration to vacate the premises in the initial stages as those who accepted the Grant and left ?????

    • Debra Dont be an idiot! $10,000 cannot even secure a land loan much less house and land! Thats not a fair long term solution! When they relocated the people from Conway they built houses for them, why not do the same for these people? We are so insensitive!

      • But they left all the same – that’s not being insensitive!!!!! That money which in your opinion is small did make a difference to them. How many persons were there originally compared to now??? – don’t you see the danger why that family member died ?? He was trying to run an electrical wire to”his part”” of the “ruins” !!!! But all got the money – why did they stay ?? Smh

  7. Marcus Day is trying to create problems for the government. I hope they take good care of him and revoke his citizenship

  8. And here we are fixing stadiums and making the country better for tourism while our very people cannot afford housing and the basics. Where are the plans and attempts at least to fix these problems??????? I never hear these issues being talked about!! Where are the shelters for the poor and homeless and food depots for the hungry to collect rice flour and the basics, where are the accessibility to free schools books and uniforms to those who need it (not the person that has the friend in ministry) the real poor, below the poverty line families. That’s the initiative we need to hear about that’s the situations we need to hear the solutions for. Not roads being opened to help the flow of traffic.None of that can equal giving assistance to the homeless and the helpless.

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