Concern Over ‘Large Numbers’ Of Illegal High-Powered Weapons In Saint Lucia

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is concerned over the presence of illegal high-powered weapons on the Island, two of which Customs and Excise officials discovered in a barrel at Port Castries on Monday.

The Customs officials found two AR 15 rifles, a 9mm Taurus pistol, and ammunition, including thirty 5.56 rounds.

One man is in police custody in connection with the find, but police say it’s early days in their investigation.

And they have not yet announced charges.

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The Head of the Major Crime Unit, Superintendent Luke De Freitas, declared on Wednesday that ‘serious carnage’ could result from high-powered weapons in the wrong hands.

De Freitas spoke during an appearance on the Hot 7 Television programme ‘Good Morning Saint Lucia’ with Host, Shannon Lebourne.

The senior police officer indicated that the importation of and access to high-powered weapons is a matter of grave concern.

“We are not seeing these weapons coming in you know, just a single weapon but what we have seen, people seem to have access to these weapons by the numbers, by the dozens and our intel would tell us that these weapons are here on Island in large numbers,” De Freitas explained.

He said in cooperation with other agencies the RSLPF is trying its best to curb the weapons influx.

However, De Freitas indicated that criminals and ‘bad elements’ find ways to go around systems that are in place.

“So we too need to be very innovative,” he asserted.

Nevertheless, he told ‘Good Morning Saint Lucia‘ that Saint Lucia could not go it alone.

“We need to also combine our efforts with our regional partners, with our international partners to deal with the situation,” De Freitas declared.

“The ideal would be to have these weapons intercepted even before they were to come on Island where we would not need to actually go looking for it here in Saint Lucia, but that we have the ability, with the assistance of our regional and international counterparts, to intercept these weapons, I suppose in the course of the importation or export from whichever country,” he told Host Shannon Lebourne.

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  1. Only now they care about does guns must start some place someone has not been keeping their records SMFH honestly it’s a big joke this country is upside down crime upon crime no solution healthcare cannot afford to the hospital bill cost of living in the sky cannot afford no up date on liveable wage jobs very little KFC, security,cutting grass by the road side working with rhino flat rate fifty, call centre s&s not to gud hotels and continues are u aware that healthcare have been privatise no money no service i cannot afford to pay for a blood test an xtray far less a ct scan one thousand one hundred and fifty dorllas I am not making a thousand dollars a fortnight i cannot afford to pay

  2. Its only a matter of time, all of these Islands will suffer the same fate. The greed is too much, its for money, power and control. All politicians, here and abroad have sank to the deepest level. The World is a mess, but my concern is St. Lucia; the police is/or is made to be ineffective; no point for Religion – except for elementary school – this electronic age has kidnaped the minds of this generation for the good and the bad; the good o.k. but the bad – just too bad. Its the dead end, this world / this Planet is doomed so there’s only one thing and its coming. Make your decision now no a bleak future; you need a ‘Savior and there’s only one good one/seek Him now for the time is short’ this world is doomed.

  3. these guns coming to saint lucia does not surprise me cause if you know the story of Dudus Cokes from jamaica you will understand how criminals with high power of influence with friends in high positions get their undercover work done so dont worry about the police they know how these guns getting here. i am pretty sure that it was supposed to be a certain customs officer that had to check that barrel to make sure that these guns dont get caught.

  4. I wonder if the sender is extra nervous wondering if the individual that was arrested will talk lol…It seems the customs link them man had was out to lunch or off that day lol…I wonder what’s the going rate for a rogue customs officer? 🤔…The kinda vehicles I self see some of them customs officials pushing the rate must be high. A customs person link me nuh,a lil TV & some stereo equipment I want a lil deal on,I’ll tell the sender to send a tin of cashews for y’all.

  5. How many Customs Officials have been arrested and charged for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition? Just one. It has been said that the criminals have contacts at the Ports who are being paid to keep a blind eyes when these guns and drugs are entering the ports. In some cases officials who refused to co operate with the criminals are threatened with harm or death to their themselves or families and therefore have no choice but to allow entry to those illegal items. It is therefore necessary for all workers at the ports including Customs and Port Police to have regular lie detector test as a measure of security for all port workers including management to ensure that they have not been corrupted. The criminals believes that ever man has a price and would go all out to bribe and corrupt anyone who they believe to be guillible due to debts, financial difficulties, greed or just want to roll with the big boys. We need to protect our officials from themselves by instituting the lie detector test for the Port workers.


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