Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Concern Over ‘Many’ Fer de Lance Sightings In Millet

The Forestry Department has expressed concern over reports of numerous sightings of the venomous fer de lance in residential areas of Millet.

“We are getting a lot of those reports and that is a concern we have,” Acting Chief Forestry Officer, Alfred Prospere, told St Lucia Times.

Prospere disclosed that for last year alone, there were more than 10 reports of signtings of the reptile.

“We see those fer de lance right next to our office in Millet. We have gotten reports that there are persons in Millet who have seen the fer de lance in their very own veranda; around their houses and in agriculture areas,” the Acting Chief Forestry Officer stated.

He explained that as a result of the increased reports of the snake being seen in the community, the Forestry Department is mounting a massive public education and sensitization programme to inform people how to respond.

“The concern we have is that the fer de lance and the boa constrictor are almost similar,” Prospere explained.

He told St Lucia Times that it is illegal to kill the boa which is not venomous.

However the Forestry Department official said because people may not be able to differentiate between the two, they would assume that both snakes are dangerous.

Explaining the purpose of the sensitization campaign, Prospere said it will inform Millet residents what they need to look for.

He noted by way of example, the need to identify whether a snake on a tree is a boa constrictor or a fer de lance.

“If it is a boa constrictor, it means it can remain on the tree once you don’t disturb it – for days, because it may have just fed on rats or something to cause it to climb and remain there for a long time until it is hungry and can go out to feed.”

“”But if it is a fer de lance that you see, by just creating noise or trying to do anything to disturb it, there is a high or great possibility that it can attack you immediately, depending on how close you are to it,” Prospere warned.

He revealed that the Wildlife Act indicates that if a protected species is killed, the person responsible can be fined up to $EC 5,000 or be imprisoned for six months.

Prospere said although the fer de lance is not on the protected list, the Forestry Department is encouraging people not to kill the snake.

“The fer de lance has potential for value added because of the fact that we are beginning to understand that its venom is very important for curing heart ailments. So why would we want to kill a reptile that has benefits in terms of curing heart ailments?”

He asserted that if the snake does not pose a threat, it should not be killed.

In addition to the fer de lance and the boa, Saint Lucia is also home to the very rare Saint Lucia racer which is found only on Maria Island and the worm snake, which is about three to four inches in length, Prospere said.




  1. EC $5000 this is the amount of money an individual is going to be charged for killing a snake? What is wrong with yourl disgusting people ‘ how much will the snake be charged ? If it strikes an attacks an individual an death occurs’ then again if it’s not poisenous ‘ an a individual is just literally terrified by it an immediately panics ‘ falls sick ‘ or so much in shock suffers a heart attack an die ‘ I swear url disgust every bone inside of me ‘ what if a child or a teenager is at home or on the streets an sees a snake ‘ what exactly do you expect that child to do ‘ we should not have any kind of snake in St.lucia so all those who care about them keep them safe at url homes ‘ because I find one an it affects me in any way trust an believe ‘ who does the crime won’t pay for the time

  2. Rubbish…..now snakes have more rights than a Human life…..Kill them!!! need them for ur heart ailments…..and when will that be…..Nonsense

  3. St. Lucian government is so disgusting, its annoying. What rubbish about if u see a venomous snake in yr surrondings it should not be killed. Im about to inform all my peeps shoot to kill, long, short, fat, slim. Just aim at the head first and then the stomach. A man is strong in his home, and any intruder or unwanted guess is going dooown my friend, down to the ground, some ft deep.

  4. Forestry department are you guys collecting Fer de Lance snakes at some determined place? first time I hear that news.You should be more honest with your coments.You want to bring down the population ? just put a price on every snake brought to you alive.A live Fer de Lance should be worth EC 400 dollars at least,you can collect a lot of poison every day,and the poison is worth a lot of money.We should be setting up farms to keep these snakes,and estract the poison,and export the product.By the way if you see one of these reptiles in you balcony,garden,kill the dam thing.

    • you crazy? maybe all the ******* mama-guy your brain. we can barely cope with the snakes we have, they now escaping their habitat and the most moronic idea you can come up with is to breed more snakes. you gone! mad!

  5. There was a time when locals were encouraged to kill snakes and bring in the head as evidence and got paid for every snake brought in. It went as far as some guys brought in real dog heads pretending to be boa heads and the name remained for some known folks until today…..”Tate Sepan”….LoL

  6. Do ull know the amount of snakes that bite people in millet already. Do ull understand that there are always kids in the river bathing, or in the hills looking for mangoes. Ministry of agriculture dont understand the danger here.

  7. Nothing surprises me in this country anymore cause is ****, ****, and more lagigit every day you see and hear $5000 for killing a detrimental problem to society while that problem gets a welcome THANK YOU for killing us.
    I’m telling you my people you see one as long as you can kill it do away with it the country gains nothing from snakes. RUBBISH….

  8. Snake have no loyalty or friends, you encourage n feed it yet it’s kills any living thing . Kill them first before it strikes anyone else. No mercy my Lucian family. What will it profit you to loose your life for a snake.

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