Saturday, February 22, 2020

Concern Over Meat, Fish Imports From China

By Janelle Norville (GIS): A meeting of the National Health Security Committee was held on Feb. 7, at the Office of the Prime Minister, in an ongoing effort to keep relevant stakeholders updated on the coronavirus.

Of concern in Saint Lucia is the importation of meat and fish products from China. Ministry of Agriculture’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Auria King-Cenac, explained that Saint Lucia currently has no trade agreements with China regarding meat imports. Officer in Charge of Enforcement at the Customs and Excise Department, Kosygin Frederick, said Customs will continue to enforce current restrictions and inspection requirements on all meat imports into Saint Lucia, and that all imported meats have to be given the all clear by the Ministry of Agriculture.

As at February 9, there have been 37,558 coronavirus cases confirmed globally, with 2676 being new cases. China has confirmed a total of 37,251 cases, and a total of 812 deaths. Meanwhile there has been a total 307 confirmed cases of coronavirus spanning across 24 countries with one death. The public is urged by the Department of Health and Wellness to practice the standard recommendations to prevent the spread of viral infections which includes frequent washing of hands with soap and water, or using hand sanitizer where necessary.


  1. There are lots of products and produce that are bought in mass from China and they are repackaged in other countries . Goya , grace , iga etc …..

  2. I think it might have been Napolion Bonapart who once said “Let China sleep, when she awakes the world
    will be sorry.” Is this the awakening of this prophesy? being a man of faith, I am reminded of the warnings
    of the Lord in Matthew 24: 7 and there will be famines and pestilences……” now, today in East Africa we
    notice an outbreak of Locust devouring the crops of the natives (Moses did call for such upon Pharaoh)
    all of this happening at one time, to me is a wake up call. Early in the morning before anything else, this
    is what I do: by faith, I verbally cover myself with the Precious ‘Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ’ and among
    other prayers I purposely read loudly Psalm 91, & on verses 3, 6 & 10, I emphasize personally with feeling.
    If you have the faith, none of this pestilence, including crime, fatal disease or accidents will befall you and
    your family. Long life He now gives to me, His peace, health and a sound mind and His Salvation. If you
    pray daily to ‘Father, Son & Holy Spirit’ He hears all prayers, St. Lucia would be a much safer place to live.

  3. We have to take a stand and stop certain items from coming in.We are not going to die for a couple of months,of not consuming Chinese products

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