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Concern Over Minor Females In ‘Compromising Situations’ At City Parks

The local advocacy group, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia, has expressed concern about the number of minor females, many in school uniform,  who are seen in ‘compromising situations’ at the George V and Serenity Parks in Castries.

In many instances, young girls in uniform are seen sitting on the laps of young men or engaging in petting into the early evening after leaving school.

“I have noticed this development – young children; young girls obviously under the age of 16; minors – juveniles at the Serenity Park; at the George V Park any many other locations,” Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia President, Catherine Sealys told St Lucia Times.

Sealys disclosed that her enquiries have revealed that the parents of some of the young girls work split shifts at hotels, while other parents work long hours for low pay under very difficult circumstances.

“The children are basically without supervision,” she told St Lucia Times, while asserting that in some instances it’s merely a case of indiscipline or the minors disobeying their parents.

However she expressed the view that in some instances the minors have nothing to go to at home.

“There is nobody home; there is no food home – there is nothing. So why go home? I am going to sit there,” Sealys asserted.

“We are looking at a situation in this country where the social fabric is in bits,” she declared.

She accused the government of failing to initiate any new programmes to curb such behaviour, while the Ministry of Education is “floating around somewhere.’

“You have parents struggling to make ends meet in an economy that is just stagnant – not going anywhere in a country where only the ‘haves’ get anything and the ‘have-nots’ are not counted,” Sealys asserted.

“People who try to vend, they remove them; people who try to sell coconut water, they remove them; they try to do anything – they remove them; so we have a crisis in this country,” she told St Lucia Times.

Sealys was of the view that the situation with the children calls for serious attention from the Ministry of Social Justice.





  1. Selective obeen utrage indeed. One wonders where the social consciences of these people have been hibernating before now.

    • Miss Sealys you need to take aeveral sits and stop assuming garbage only to tie right bacj to politics. Parents working split shift, long hours low pay etc isnt that enough to force these young ladies to want better for themselves. Obiviously if Miss Sealys will be listened to or even given the time of day by any media house, i think she ahould use it better, than just for throwing political jabs. Charity begins at home, once upon a time teenage pregnancy was “a thing” in our small country. This is a direct result of throwing teenage mothers out of school and homes. Now we are left with a population of uneducated, helpless mothers who have very little to offer their 30 year old daughter who is on her way to becoming a grandma soon. Vicious cycle of bad policies and poverty. So Ms. SEALYS if you are able to help do so stop passing the damn parcel.

      • Unfortunately, she cannot do it alone. Miss Sealys has been a cry in the wilderness for years … crying to the Ministry of Social Justice, the Ministry of Gender Affairs, the Ministry of Education, etc. Miss Sealys seems to be THE ONLY WOMAN seeing, and TRYING to do something about St Lucia’s ills and the perils women and girls face. Instead of criticising her, level with her. Me? Yes, I am.

  2. Sad is only know person or persons are seeing that it not too later but it happening for years it just did not start yesterday day or yesterday years and there there is No excuse for young girls doing that Gov,t is not the one to Blane stop playing blame games you and I know our mum and dad could have been working as far as the sky and they give us a time to be home we had to be there even if no one is at home we sometime have to get the keys under the house or the mat but whatever the case maybe we have to be home at the time given and some of us had no TV or even a Radio at home

  3. Malpali people business that what you good for. How you have so much time on your hands to monitor what’s going on in serenity park everyday. Isn’t this the job for bootleg city police. What those children are doing is nothing new as a youth I use to hang out after school with my little chuck-a-looks down by the beach and limeing in town we had limited places to go no social or after school programs teacher Peter use to caution me but it was just part of growing.up In a limited space. You talk about them been in school uniform ? The State is only responsible for them only when they are on school compound.crosswalk and chartered vehicle or permitted outings. I. Will endorse after school programs and mentorship to combat this it take a village to (you know the rest)…………. Just because they are poor does not mean they are bad

  4. Not just hotels but they work long hours as security guards for a very low pay sometimes 2;50 an hour

  5. This Catherine woman is brainless she has just told these girls that it’s not their fault . Is she part of the solution or part of the problem? In her quest to put down the government she makes a total fool of herself

  6. Is this a young female and parent issue or a political one?im rather confused!

  7. Only in the park go by Dilly’s supermarket and walk up the street to the Anglican primary school you will see all those school girls behind parked vehicles with their skirts up on the heads. They can’t be bothered who passing go up the cdcs and see them. The young people nowadays have no morals anything goes. Then a few months those who can afford find the doctors who help them and others are seen carry babies that they should be big sisters to. Sad school children are seen loitering everyday of the week as if they have no home.

  8. Why no one is seeing that this is a make up story. I am not denying that there are students in the park but this story gives the impression that it is a common thing. If it is, is your concern only to report these issues to the media and blame the government.? Why not even a recommendation Catrinette?

  9. So let me this straight; young girl decides she needs her cat stroking, goes on a park bench to do that. where have these people with all their agendas been??? Long before serenity park, these loose girls in the city was doing that same shyte!! i guess they are now the parents of the 16 year old gun totting murderers and rapists ravaging the country. dem little girls need to respect themselves. i dont see much of it down south. they must be busy waiting for bus to go home!! or using free wi-fi in the park. its low morals for these little coco boys and cat crying gals! it has nothing to do with government. the only thing is that soon these cats will give birth to worthless runts running around in the yard with nothing,. ready to create havoc.

  10. Wow all these years I be looking for de young cats in the wrong places. I’m going shopping to Dilly’s right now. Coming for you kitten.

  11. It starts with example. That’s is why have to be careful of the type of young people we elect to represent these young persons, on executives and other organizations. To often we have young persons In various constituency groups who are no good example with an attitude of do as I say and not as I do. How can a youth agent who is known to be openly promiscuous, lack self respect and publicly display lack of decorum, be an example to these young ladies? Some of these youth officers are young in number of years. Also shouldering the blame are the leaders of these groups who engage in affairs with these youth officers. Young person in a position to effect change should lead by example …the younger ones are watching.

    • Like the roro P R O who is in a position to inspire and influence but chooses to use her position to insult and degrade

  12. These situations cannot bestopped however, to curb it, why not start up a program or club right in the pack itself?

  13. They have homework to do. If not read a book, do some chores at home. If you cant feednor take carenof children have protected sex. We cant expect the government to do everything. What are you doing besides complaining.

  14. Lol.. Catherine said her research indicates that the parents work long hours at hotels…lol.. I was actually with the article until she tied it in to a political agenda. We can advocate and also bring proposals to the table without necessarily having to add a political spin.

  15. Parents are mostly responsible for the upbringing of these adolescents. Behaviors begins at home, continues at school and ends on the street. If those kids are brought up properly at home, their good behavior would must likely continue at school and into the street. When behavior is good at home but bad at school, it will likely continue on the street and even brought home. In the latter case, the school and the church have failed miserably. They have failed to inculcate ethical standards in those delinquents. The government is solely responsible for what happens at school. A student or teacher’s responsibility do not end at school. It continues in homework and research. Engage the youths. Limit their freedom.

  16. Its all part of what I call the “hipocracy epidemic ” that we have wseeping St. Lucia these days. Examples such as “health care crisis,” “crime epidemic” are all catch phrases of problems which have been existing for generations but it is onjly now that we conveniently recognize them. Where were people when Romanus Lansiquot was soliciting funds for health care or when Papa Vader sang for Victoria? Where were them in the time of “umbre” and “bionic weed?” All these people are hipocrites looking to benefit from politics.

  17. Well my dear ladies, time has changed, we are now living in the abonination days, you are now an adult, if you think like one, so no more minors again! TWIN CITIES OF SIN!

  18. The children are doing what they see we adults do on the streets at parties ,carnival and other events most of us parents swear ,fight have sex and say anything infront our children dress any how and our children are looking and when our children do the same we complain we go crazy blaming people no it begins with us let order start at home

  19. Conveniently you people with particular interests keep blaming the government. When decisions are taken or measures put in place you are the same ones who lament about the rights of children. Parents are responsible for the discipline of their children, not the state, the main institution is the home. Further, these so called children must be taught that with rights and freedom come responsibility, and you are ultimately responsible for your actions

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